Porsche 911 Crushes Altitude Record on Portal Axles

You’ve Got a 911? How Cute!

Venturing into uncharted territory, a modified Porsche 911 ascended to beyond 6,734 meters (22,093 ft.) above sea level. Starting off as a Carrera 4S, the vehicle was equipped with portal axles, boosting ground clearance to an impressive 350 millimeters (13.7 inches). To protect against unforeseen obstacles while traversing—composite armor consisting of Aramid fiber was installed beneath.

Romain Dumas, a three-time holder of the Le Mans title, adventurously steered the 911, featuring two carbon fiber seats and five-point restraints. The engineers altered the PDK, granting it shorter gear ratios to facilitate acceleration at reduced speeds. Another main variation was retrofitting the car with steer-by-wire technology; Porsche asserts this made the handling more exact over the rough landscape.

The motorcar, void of any fossil fuels in its storage container, operated on synthetic fuel produced by utilizing renewable energy and composed of water and carbon dioxide. Reaching the peak of the Western face of Ojos del Salado located in Chile necessitated the support of a car. The two crews had to put up with extreme coldness and scant air. The air at adequate elevation was around half the concentration one would find at sea level. Slackened by thin air was this 6 shifter approved engine’s 443 horsepower from the plant, yet in the rarefied atmosphere of high altitude it was more probable enduring much less strength on its journey toward the acme.

Acclimatization for the towering altitudes had been done over a fortnight prior to the record endeavour last Saturday, December 2nd. The journey was launched at 3:30 in the morning and the two cars attained the top of the mountain by 3:58 PM. Due to frigid weather, feeble air and the extremity of the locale, Porsche had engaged two medical personnel at the site.

The lofty-reaching 911s accomplished to outrun the past accomplishment that was logged in 2020 by two Unimog lorries attaining a crest of 6,694 meters (21,962 feet) at the same Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile.

Source: Porsche

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