Porsche 911 Sets Record With Synthetic Fuel

Stock Flat-Six Achieves 443 HP

Porsche 911’s have achieved a new global benchmark for height, scaling the apex of a volcano in Chile while being fueled by synthetic fuel supplied by HIF Global.

Porsche is endeavoring to rescue combustion engine vehicles during the move toward electrification by advocating synthetic fuel, or what is known as eFuel. This new effort, showcasing the sports car ascending the highest peak of Ojos del Salado – the world’s highest volcano – left an impressive mark.

The renowned German auto manufacturer had brought two Porsche 911s (dubbed Doris and Edith) to make a record-breaking attempt at the heights of the world. Romain Dumas, a three-time winner of the much celebrated 24 Hours of Le Mans, was piloting the car that set the historic milestone. This project presented the team with a quest to tackle after their successful climb up the volcano in 2022.

This effort demonstrated the potential of utilizing vehicles in a similar fashion to the previous attempt, given they were based off the recognizable 911 Carrera 4S complete with its stock 443-horsepower 3.0-liter flat-six beneath the hood. Portal axles increased ground clearance to 13.7 inches and improved throttle reactions at slow speeds. Armed with some all-wheel-drive technology and a Warp connector, the team was able to contend with some of the snow encountered along the excursion.

The flagship vehicle included a unique steerage genius renowned by the name Space Drive, conceptualized by Schaeffler Group to render Dumas with exact and exhaustive feedback while driving the 911. Inside contains carbon fiber seats and 5-point harnesses.

Two doctors closely observed the well-being of the team during their high-altitude venture. An international group with representatives from the United States, Chile, France, Germany, Canada, and Switzerland lent Dumas additional support.

“I’ll never forget this experience,” Dumas said with a sense of pride. “It was an extraordinary feeling to drive where no car has gone before. It was a proud moment for the whole team, and we are truly thankful for the support and belief of our partners – without them, this would not have been possible.”

The historic run highlights not just the potential of the 911, but the efficacy of eFuel as well. This environmentally-friendly fuel source is being manufactured in Chile, with Porsche planning to build the world’s largest eFuel facility in Texas commencing the following year. Its broad acceptance might still be far away, however, Porsche is doing its part to hasten up the procedure. Gathering records as it goes is a nice incentive which serves as a reminder that there is much more to the future than electric vehicles.

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