Porsche App Boosts iPhone User Experience with Latest Update

Apple CarPlay offers in-app vehicle control to users for seamless access to vehicle functions.

The My Porsche app is gearing up for a major update, particularly advantageous for Apple iPhone users.

According to Porsche, they are the pioneering automaker to incorporate a multitude of vehicle functions into an app on Apple CarPlay. This innovative move allows customers to easily manipulate climate control preferences, ambient lighting, and switch radio stations with increased efficiency. For passionate drivers, the newly introduced Performance Dashboard on CarPlay offers a visual representation of crucial performance metrics such as G forces, top speed, and distance traveled.

Integrating vehicle functions with CarPlay enables drivers to utilize Siri to control various features of their vehicle, accessed through a designated button on the steering wheel. The exciting development is not limited to new models only, as Porsche has extended this capability to over 400,000 existing vehicles. All that is needed is the activation of PCM 6.0.

While owners of Taycan vehicles in the United States have already been enjoying the convenience of Apple Maps routing for electric vehicles, Porsche has recently announced that this feature will be made available to customers worldwide. Through this update, the German automotive company headquartered in Zuffenhausen aims to enhance the overall driving experience for their consumers. This new functionality utilizes the vehicle’s state of charge to suggest optimal charging locations and times by taking into account various factors, including changes in elevation.

The My Porsche application will also work seamlessly with Apple Watches. Users can track essential information about their vehicle and complete a variety of actions, such as locking or unlocking the car with their watch. This function is especially useful if you misplace your key or are on a jog. Additionally, the interior of the car can be adjusted to your liking, whether you prefer warmth or coolness, guaranteeing a comfortable ride upon entering the vehicle.

The My Porsche application is enhanced by a revamped home screen layout, with a more user-friendly interface that includes extra features, details, and a better overview. In addition, clients can conveniently access Quick Actions via the main dashboard to efficiently execute tasks. Porsche mentions that the number of available Quick Actions may differ according to the specific model.

Having a user-friendly touchscreen and infotainment system is crucial not just in any vehicle, but especially in a high-performance car. When driving with intensity, it’s important to have easy access to all necessary functions without having to struggle with complicated controls. Studies have shown that complex touchscreens can be more distracting than traditional controls, as drivers have to divert their attention away from the road for extended periods to complete simple tasks like changing radio stations or adjusting the temperature – tasks that could be done in a matter of seconds in older models.

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