Porsche’s Electric Vehicle: All-New Interior and Automated Driving

CEO: New SUV Promises Impressive Performance

This week, Porsche saw its Annual General Meeting of 2023 occur, executing plans in regards to what succeeded last year – with deliveries going up 2.6 percent to 309,884 cars. Though there are financial numbers that could be disclosed, it is worth noting that the manufacturer from Zuffenhausen is intent on restructuring their business to become powered entirely by electricity. It will take some time to achieve this goal, however the luxurious German company has made its commitment to have at least 80% of sales form EVs come 2030.

At the gathering, Porsche CEO and Volkswagen Group leader Oliver Blume conveyed his message on how the corporation is aiming to meet its objective. To be the first uncontaminated model that links with the Taycan, the following-generation all-electric Macan is predicted to appear in shops in 2024. Note that the SUV was originally destined for this year but a few software glitches have caused it to be delayed.

“The 718 Boxster/Cayman lineup will embrace its EV side ‘in the middle of the decade’, so we can expect to see it by 2025,” revealed Oliver Blume. He went on to add that the next-generation, electric-only Cayenne will “follow immediately” – most likely meaning it’s slated for sale in 2026. The same as the current model, this luxurious SUV will be constructed in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Positioned above the Cayenne, Porsche is introducing a large electric SUV with no official name yet. According to the company’s CEO, the new model will be focused on markets such as China and the U.S. He referred to it as a “new vehicle concept” that will bring an “impressive performance” and a “new interior experience”. Blume also promised that the vehicle will feature advanced automated driving functions.

Codenamed K1, the high-end EV is said to feature three-row seating and a totally distinct exterior design from prior models. Sources close to Porsche have revealed that it will be “part sedan, part crossover” and measure longer than five meters (196.8 inches). Insiders claim that the development of this model has been underway since 2020, and that it will be based on the upcoming SSP Sport platform, a variation of Volkswagen’s Scalable Systems Platform.

Blume touched on Porsche’s elevated electric expectations at length, yet not one word was uttered about the 911. It’s evident that this iconic sports car won’t receive an electrified version throughout the course of this decade, however it will be fitted with a hybrid powertrain before the year 2030 runs out. Several corporate representatives have repeatedly stated that they mean for the 911 to carry on being offered with combustion-operated drives for as long as achievable. Owing to Porsche sinking resources into both researching and producing synthetic fuels, the rear-mounted engine could possibly enjoy extended usage.

Source: Porsche

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