Rally Car Slides Into Pool After Icy Corner Mishap – Must See Footage!

Frozen Austrian Pool Becomes Rally’s Unconventional Runoff Zone

In contrast to other types of motorsport, rallies often utilize public roads as part of their routes. This can pose a challenge as there is usually limited or no space for error on the sides of the road. As a result, the driver and co-driver must rely heavily on accurate pace notes and trust that the driver will not push beyond the limits. However, even with careful preparation, mishaps can occur. And when they do, the consequences can be disastrous. A prime example of this was when a Skoda Fabia RS lost control and ended up in a swimming pool in Austria.

In the icy roads of northern Austria, driver Johannes Keferböck and co-driver Ilka Minor were participating in the 2024 Jännerrallye. As they approached a lefthander on a snowy downhill stretch, they encountered some unexpected trouble. Perhaps due to the unfavorable weather conditions, excessive speed, and delayed braking, their Skoda veered off course and failed to make the turn. This resulted in a splashy and watery spectacle for the duo.

Upon observing the various stages of the Jännerrallye, consisting of a combination of dirt and asphalt terrain, it is not surprising that a vehicle ended up submerged in a nearby pool. Acting as the sole barrier between the road and the body of water, a wooden fence stands just a few feet away from the designated course. To make matters worse, the location of the fence is situated at the bottom of a steep hill and amidst a challenging heavy braking zone. Considering the presence of slippery conditions, it is safe to assume that if it were not for this specific Skoda car, another rally vehicle would have surely met a similar fate.

The vehicle was completely immersed, yet Keferböck and Minor managed to emerge unscathed. There are no indications of any harm sustained by either individual.

The future of the car remains uncertain. While it did collide with a wooden fence, it is unlikely that the body suffered significant harm. However, even the most rugged rally car is not designed to withstand complete submersion. The wiring has likely been compromised, if it hasn’t already been destroyed. Additionally, there is a high chance of mechanical damage as the car was in operation at the time of the water incident. And regardless of whether or not it was running, none of its components are built for aquatic conditions. Therefore, if you come across a discounted Fabia RS in the coming days, be sure to thoroughly inspect it for any signs of water damage before making a purchase decision.

JännerRally 2024 CRASH Johannes Keferböck | Crash skoda Jännerrallye 2024 🇦🇹 Skoda Fabia RS ⚠️

Source: WRC Motorsport Tv via YouTube

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