Renault 5: Electric Debut Coming 2024

Electric Supermini’s Multi-link Rear Axle

All the way back in January 2021, Renault made public their signal of the re-launching of their revered 5 model – with a concept version which has been outlined as an all-electric supermini. With the manufacturing variation set to arrive sometime during the next 12 months, the French vehicle makers have now revealed certain initial specifics regarding this particular car. Its underlying foundation will be taken from the CMF-B EV structure and around 70% of its constituent parts are expected to be provided by the Clio hatch and Captur subcompact crossover (both based on the CMF-B platform).

By deploying its current machinery, Renault can reduce creation expenses by 30 percent as compared to the Zoe which won’t be able to make it to its subsequent stage. The two compact EVs will have a major discrepancy when it comes to battery components, as the upcoming version will feature just four extensive modules put in a solitary layer while the Zoe adopts 12 tinier modules.

Engineers are able to reduce the weight of the vehicle by 15 Kilograms, an impressive 33 pounds total. Additionally, they promise that energy density will exceed that of the Zoe, and create better underbody integrity thanks to integrating the battery into its surrounding platform. By doing so, noise, vibrations and irregularness (NVH) will be greatly minimised.

It is with great pleasure that we report Renault is ensuring the new 5 receives a multi-link rear suspension, an exceptional feature for a vehicle of the B-segment variety. Of course, let us not overlook the fact that Alpine is making sure the revived R5 will launch in a manner that leverages the individual rear suspension to make this electrified hot hatch an exhilaration on meandering highways. By mounting the battery beneath the ground, it will facilitate a center of gravity that is more easily maneuvered and therefore enhance the car’s swiftness.

The company with the diamond logo is staying silent on the topic of power at present, only noting that the R5 will employ an electric motor featuring tech taken from the Megane E-Tech Electric. There will be a unique internal design which should not just decrease the size and weight of the motor but also provide new standards of efficiency.

Spy photographs have unveiled the cloaked R5 prototype camouflaged as a test mule that uses the Clio’s body. An array of 9 vehicles are being tried out in northern Europe, as well as in Paris and Normandy. Buried within about 272 hectares of woodland stands the Renault property at Aubevoye which spreads across 613 hectares including 35 distinct paths and 37 miles (60 kilometres) of length, 42 examination lines, two wind tunnels and 18 different corrosion chambers.

Source: Renault

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