Reviving a Neglected Mercedes SL – 20 Year Old Car Gets Its First Wash in Years!

Neglected Mercedes Convertible Gets Long-Awaited Restoration

After twenty long years, this Mercedes-Benz SL roadster has remained neglected in storage. However, with the help of WD Detailing, it is now getting a second lease on life.For the past two decades, this magnificent Mercedes-Benz SL convertible has been left untouched and unremembered in storage. But, thanks to the team at WD Detailing, it is finally being given another shot at existence.

The owner of the 450SL summoned WD Detailing to retrieve the vehicle from its secluded garage where it had remained untouched and neglected for several decades, collecting layers of dust and mold. Upon relocating the car to their facility for cleaning, the team is astounded by the amount of buildup and filth.

Despite being rinsed once, the V-8-powered SL’s paint remains covered in a heavy layer of unpleasant dirt. It requires a meticulous scrubbing to completely remove all residue. Even after the dirt is removed, the WD team discovers several stubborn tar specks adhered to the hood. It is evident that this car has not been given the proper care and maintenance it deserves.

Despite the additional accumulation of a considerable amount of dust, the interior appears to be in remarkably decent condition, given the evident neglect. Notably, no prominent areas of mold or rodent infestation can be located. It is likely that consistently keeping the windows rolled up during its time in storage greatly contributed to its relatively sturdy state.

Despite the appearance of a fully assembled engine bay, the WD Detailing crew refrains from attempting to start the SL. We believe this is in the car’s best interest, as these models were outfitted with the infamously challenging Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system. Repairing and fine-tuning this system can be incredibly difficult.

We strongly urge the individual in possession of this SL to seek out professional assistance in order to restore it and get it back running on the roads. It is the rightful destiny for this vehicle.

First Wash in 20 Years: ABANDONED in Garage Mercedes 450SL! | Car Detailing Restoration

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