Unique Pre-Production Ferrari F50: One of a Kind.

1,180 Miles and Ready for You to Buy!

The F50 is a rare Italian gem, with only 349 models produced between 1995 and 1997. By contrast, Ferrari also produced a restricted series of 19 pre-production cars, this one being one of them. This particular vehicle was one of the six which were supplied to members of the Brunei royal family. Unlike other vehicles in the batch, it continued to have a left-hand-drive setup.

DK Engineering has the unique F50 up for grabs and has released a walkaround video to demonstrate the subtle distinctions compared to a “normal” F50. For example, it doesn’t have the front cargo compartment but the dual fans have a gold center in place of being all black. The storage pocket and bag for the tools are of different shapes and the red label signifying the production number attached to the underside of the front hood is absent.

Ferrari F50 - A Close Look at a Pre- Production Example

The area around the windscreen is not the same as that of a standard Ferrari F50, considering the panelling in front of it has a matte finish instead of a glistening covering. At the botom of the windshield there are two mounting puncheons on each edge, unlike just the one. As for the olive shade of the carbon fibre weave, it’s not apparent on those 349 machinery, yet it’s possible that the sheer adhesive has deteriorated throughout the years leading to this yellowness.

A more thorough examination reveals the exterior mirror caps (as well as the rearview mirror) losing the producer’s emblems. In the back, the plastic engine lid looks more elementary due to visible screws and vents directly affixed to the board instead of being built-in. The engine compartment is devoid of almost all of the labels that normally come with a common F50. Moreover, the handbrake calipers are golden in contrast to black, not possessing the galloping horse logo.

Entering the F50, you’ll notice a distinct lack of those famous red-tinged seat bolsters as well as any red endowment on the dashboard or chassis plaques sitting on the passenger side. Additionally, the turn signal lever seems to be bland and devoid of decoration; even the door cards, dashboard and side sill don’t bear the same pigment of a customer car. What’s also absent are the speed advisory stickers and the soft top carrying bag both of which are usually included.

An impressive alteration is the suspension lift system as the exterior of the supercar is automatically elevated when the engine starts.

This F50 is truly immaculate, with only 1,180 miles (1,900 kilometers) accumulated since being crafted in June 1995. Subsequently, it has been owned by a number of individuals and now finds itself situated in the United Kingdom, where it is available for purchase. Having obtained its certificate of authenticity from Ferrari in March 2018, this vehicle attests to its genuine quality.

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