See: Hellcat Challenger Roars Off-Road

Proper Custom Off-Roader w/ Robust Suspension

Famed for his ludicrous erections, a prominent YouTuber has modified his turbocharged Dodge Challenger Hellcat to become an awe-inspiring off-road model. And no, rather than merely raising it and putting bigger gravel-ready tires on, he and his associates aimed to retrofit the car to mirror Superfast Matt’s off-road Viper endeavor.

The YouTuber responsible for the construction of the remarkable off-road Hellcat is Western Champlin, who just lastly finished assembling a GMC Typhoon supplying 1,500 horse power. In two part videos depicting the development of this off-road Challenger, we get the chance to view Champlin and associates in action as they make their plan a reality.

The most recent version is set forth below; however, the first part can be seen at the bottom of this article.

I Built a 4x4 Off-Road Hellcat - Part 2

At the onset of fabrication, they proceeded to remove the car’s exhaust unit, the rear and forward axles, in addition to the suspension assembly. Worth noting that, without marring the shape of the frame, most of it was dismounted and replaced with heavily soldered metal panes affixed to the holding areas of the initial frame. While it may appear tense, all precautions were taken with precise measurements, practice cardboard charts, as well as attentively located parts. This was done to allow fitting of two second-hand axles from eBay, coupled with a four-wheel-drive system, long-evolved shocks, and hefty tires.

The intriguing 4×4 transfer case is derived from a 1992 Chevy 1500. An adapter kit was utilized to attach it to the THM400 automatic gearbox. Remarkably, the transmission was able to fit; however, it necessitated the cutting of a section from the inside of the cabin’s floor in order to appropriately house the transfer case.

After dealing with the 4×4 drivetrain and transmission, they focused their attention to the off-road muscle car’s 6-link suspension system. They incorporated modified mounts along with custom upper and lower bars, and gave it a go without even examining the geometry of the chassis – hilarious right? Thankfully, when it came time to assess the outcome of this wild endeavor, the end-result seemed quite impressive, the vehicle ultimately obtaining an ideal stance that could disperse force fairly evenly amongst the restructured elements.

Champlin declared that while the construction of the car is yet far from complete, much more needs to be accomplished prior to it being utilized. He specified that they still need to focus on the coilovers, brakes, and any other parts currently absent.

We are longing eagerly to watch this object storm around a dust course.

I Built a 4x4 Off-Road Hellcat

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