Semi-Truck Drag Racing: Insanely Wild!

Big Rigs Make a Smoky Scene
Loaded Semi Drag Racing. Lufkin Texas. Draggin & Pullin in the Pines 2023

The unique ridiculousness of semi-truck drag racing has to be seen to be believed. These rigs are not expected to lug tons across stretches of road, and typically are not associated with bursts of speed or agile responsiveness. Yet, modified motors allow them to generate huge plumes of dark smoke as they traverse the race course. It is truly an extraordinary sight!

This footage spans 40 minutes and has been crisply cut to emphasize the trail rides. We’d exhort viewing it all the way through to observe the mold of cars on parade, however there are several top-notch spots worth placing importance.

At approximately 8:33, the inaugural drag race with large commercial vehicles towing trailers gets underway. It adds an electrifying new dynamic to the traditional formula. The colossal trucks haul three parcels of logs each weighing several tons. Spectators are thoroughly captivated by how much torque the left-hand truck emits, as it causes the hood to bend and contort.

There is a related sprint at 6:11 wherein the semi on the left side exhibits swaying and twirling as it exits the course. Meanwhile, both racing cars generate a copious quantity of dark smoke as they pass through.

If you’d like to observe some seriously swift speeds, take a peek at 21:33 or 35:36 in this video. Even though we don’t observe the pickups’ quarter-mile records, they appear far more rapid than the other runs showcased in this video.

One other notable feature is the roaring sound of these heavy-duty trucks. It requires extensive turbocharged engines to provide propulsive power to them. As they generate thrust, the shrill tones can make them seem like a jumbo jet streaking across the raceway.

One of the most prominent vehicles can be seen at 27:41. With a large turbo inlet on its hood and a vibrant, orange flames paint job, there is no mistaking this automobile. Furthermore, with the exhaust pipe clearly visible before the right-side of the windshield, you cannot overlook this machine from any angle. Interestingly, the same truck appears in multiple sections of this video.

Source: Beer Money Pulling Team via YouTube

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