Tesla Semi Recalled Over Parking Brake Issues

Air Leak Causes Rollaway: Electronic Parking Brake Valve Module

Tesla has handed out its first recall for the Semi, only four months after the commencement of shipments. The groundbreaking truck, which was made available for ordering in 2017, has faced its first significant setback since reaching the market.

Tesla is summoning back particular 2023 Semi lorries over a digital stopping brake valve module (PVM) that could fail to operate correctly. The recall comes just days after two trucking companies bumped into troubles due to the alleged malfunction in the PVM. It is asserted that if the valve module becomes faulty it might bring about the vehicles ceasing to apply their brakes, thus leading to potential accidents.

Particularly, the PVM could potentially not shift into park mode when the parking brake is activated. Obviously, if the parking brake does not take hold when the driver unlatches it, the vehicle can roll away, creating a heightened risk of an accident.

In the recall notice posted on NHTSA’s website, Tesla reports there may be up to 35 Semi trucks affected by a potential defect. These were all produced between November 30, 2022 and February 28, 2023 and were determined due to vehicle manufacturing records.

The solution involves substituting the Intellipark Valve Module, and Tesla service will offer this with no payment due – the situation won’t be solved by utilizing an over-the-air software update, similar to most of Tesla’s recalls.

Produced by Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, problematic parking brake valve modules may potentially not generate enough air pressure to successfully transition when the driver sets the parking brakes as they have a potential for too much internal air leakage due to their supplier specificiations.

As per the study, replacement parking valve modules from the provider hold advanced internals that block air loss. Tesla Semi automobiles outfitted with the defective valve unit which have not been despatched to patrons yet will have the part supplanted prior to delivery.

Until this point, the only person whom has accepted delivery of Tesla Semis is PepsiCo; thus, it’s probable that most influenced trucks belong to its fleet.

Tesla was made aware of the failure on February 13, 2023 thanks to Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems. The provider advised the automaker that they were intending to issue a recall for the associated element due to difficulties reported by their consumers in the field.

Source: NHTSA

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