Small Transparent Engine Fired Up and Running

Explosion of the Final One
Transparent engine version 2 - will we be able to start it?

Approximately two years ago, the YouTube channel Garage 54 introduced an unique concept – installing a transparent head on a motor engine for everyone to get a clear understanding of the internal combustion procedure. Now, it’s time for them to take it up a notch: building the entire block from transparent resin!

The crew’s last attempt ended with the engine exploding when it was ignited. To prevent this from happening once more, Garage 54 remodeled a new block which was designed to work as a buffer between the cylinder head and the crankshaft. This plan was executed with the intent of deleting any additional load on the block apart from the combustion occurring in the chamber. Moreover, the block’s height was raised slightly so that compression could be reduced.

This time, things go much better. The first launch yields a spark, and there isn’t a catastrophic incident. But, with the second attempt, the situation gets tricky. A cylinder manages to combust, yet the combination ignites too late when closed to the TDC, causing the block to break along the base. Nevertheless, this doesn’t prevent the experiment from continuing.

The squad implemented multiple alterations to the timing and again made an attempt; this time, they succeeded in initiating and keeping the engine running. The slow-motion camera captured every cylinder going off in eye-catching clarity. Unfortunately, when the engine began its fourth run, the block started to disintegrate, with a fissure along the lower part widening throughout its entire scope.

The motor merely functioned for brief intervals, since the extreme heat could adversely impact it. The see-through cylinder head of the prior year showed indications of deterioration rapidly, with the soaring temperatures producing bubbles and additional deficiencies in the material.

Garage 54 wasn’t aiming to find out how long an engine would run – that’s a different experiment for a future occasion. Rather, they sought to determine if it were possible to acquire a transparent engine to function, and their efforts proved rewarding as the team has concocted some captivating objects throughout the years.

Source: Garage 54 / YouTube

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