Spied: Volkswagen ID.7 Electric Wagon Barely Clothed

Previewing the Production Car Before Its Global Debut

The all-new Volkswagen ID.7 has been snapped in its wagon guise with barely any camouflage, and it appears to be just as attractive as we dreamed. Volkswagen posted the initial glimpse of the extended variance earlier this year, confirming that the extra volume of the more serviceable configuration scarcely affected aerodynamic efficacy. As per VW, the redact Cd of the Wagon is 0.24, a near non-existent rise from the highly aerodynamic sedan which scored a tier of 0.23.

It is clear that the vehicle will have 19.2 cubic feet of capacity when filled up to the level of the rear seat’s headrests, increasing to 60.5 ft3 when the second row is collapsed.

We can look forward to some really comfortable seats, having been created in conjunction with orthopedic experts, physical practitioners, and specialists in sports science. Moreover, there will be an extremely advanced climate control system that almost never requires adjustment.

Lurking beneath the exterior of the ID.7 Tourer, the two battery pack models – 77 kWh and 85 kWh – which have been adopted for the sedan, are also expected to be utilized. Due to its bulky weight, though, the WLTP-determined mileage could potentially be diminished slightly yet Volkswagen has proven able to avail added economy from existing set-ups via software adjustments. This was evident in the ID.4 wherein a 2024 model offers more power while having an extended range off only one charge.

Volkswagen has already declared that the ID.7 estate car will be unveiled in 2024, and with these nearly uncamouflaged pictures, it’s reasonable to assume that the launch will come about in the initial part of the fresh calendar year. This triggers the question of easy access.

Volkswagen has not certified whether the elongated ID.7 will become available in the United States, however, due to the evident aversion that our market appears to have towards any vehicle which does not fall under the umbrella of SUV, cross-over, or truck, wagon devotees should maintain their hopes in check and accept that this model is most likely restricted to being European-only.

As more news develops, we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

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