Tesla 2023 Holiday Update: Party Tricks!

Include Beneficial Features & Fix Bugs

After a good few unveilings shared online, Tesla has just now confirmed the anticipated holiday updates which are planned to be implemented next week by way of an over-the-air update. Whilst several useful attributes are included in this time around’s new edition, some are superfluous gimmicks. Nevertheless, it is necessary to stress there are several features missing which were indicated in the earlier leakages.

Tesla has detailed the features which can be found on their X models. Leading the way is Custom Lock Sounds, providing owners with the opportunity to customize the sound heard when they lock and unlock their car. This includes fun options such as Rubber Ducky, Jingle, Old School Horn, Applause and the curious sounding ‘Screaming Goat’. We can only surmise that this would cause quite an unnerving noise!

It is noteworthy that the stock noise for affixing a Tesla Model S and all other electric vehicles in the lineup is a compact and sharp honk.

Tesla has recently unveiled a new feature called “The Arrival,” which is essentially a light show that your Tesla will perform as you arrive. This unique addition will bring your car to life and create a memorable experience for you and your passengers. The feature is activated by the car’s Autopilot system and will light up the car’s exterior in different colors, as well as project various images onto the ground. According to Tesla, the feature can also be used to create a festive atmosphere for special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. This is just one of the many innovative features that Tesla has developed in recent years, which have helped to make the company an industry leader in the world of electric vehicles. With the addition of The Arrival, Tesla is taking the experience of driving an electric car to the next level.

Tesla will introduce a plethora of diversion for backseat passengers by enabling them to play local area network amusements on the rear touchscreen. Those inside the car can furthermore couple their Bluetooth earphones with the screen, which can be put to utilization while viewing shows or gaming. Apple Podcasts will likewise be added to the slate of in-cabin amusement, together with Castle Doombad, coming to Tesla Arcade. Additionally, there will be overhauls to favorite game titles such as Beach Buggy, Polytopia, and Vampire Survivors.

Tesla is introducing a unique feature to their electric vehicles: a blind spot indicator. This enhancement has been implemented into the refreshed Model 3, but has not yet come to the United States. The indicator will be a visual alert, likely in the form of a red tint, to reveal any potential hazards from blind spots. However, Tesla has failed to clarify exactly where this hue will be displayed.

Tesla is unveiling its brand new App Trip Planner that will permit owners to craft multi-stop journeys directly from the Tesla mobile application and then transmit it to their automotive. Additionally, the on-screen navigation system will alert drivers of speed cameras, stop signs and traffic lights.

Tesla will also incorporate automated 911 communications, set off when the airbags are utilized, and while perusing your Tesla through the application, the outlook from the cameras located on the left and right-wing side structural supports will be added, supplying extra points of view for the Live Sentry feature. Furthermore, a 3-dimensional rendering of the vehicle’s environment will display while parking, which should be notably beneficial due to the recent developments in camera caliber.

Notable absences from revelations consist of the aptitude to sieve through two different fueling velocities in the chart and involuntary blind point observation apparatus.

The Lone Star State-based automotive manufacturer indicated that the presence of the fresh functionalities is determined by the vehicle and whereabouts. Additionally, the specific time period for the launch was not declared either.

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