Tesla Model 3 Highland Delivers Q1.

Production Begins: Reportedly

Production of the Tesla Model 3 Performance reportedly got under way at the beginning of December 2023, according to Teslascope – a source that has gone before in imparting news concerning Tesla.

The switchover to the new version is still anticipated for happening in Q1, and it appears Tesla will unleash all of its versions all at once. The High Range Rear Wheel Drive and Long Range variants are available in other countries outside of the US currently, but they are manufactured at the Gigafactory located in China. All iterations of the American-spec Model 3 shall be built at the Fremont, California Gigafactory.

TeslaScope also makes reference to Drive Tesla Canada, who, via a Reddit find, spied multiple facelifted Model 3s in the Fremont plant, alluding to the fact that testing is underway. It was just this last week reportedly when the advanced model was seen cruising around California.

Confirmation of the production of its performance variants of the revised Model 3 (Project Highland) was seen in early December. Speculations for its official kick-off remain consistent in Q1, subject to any unwanted delays. Extra details can be seen on @DriveTeslaca – check out the link! https://t.co/7jAfmdKnfU

Test mules with a Fremont made-VIN and Chinese badges visible on the back have been spotted. While it is inconsequential where these vehicles are produced, it is certain that they will behave identically when in the U.S. Consequently, those located stateside who have chosen to buy into the Performance trim will be eligible for the full $7,500 tax credit granted by the government.

Due to alterations within the Inflation Reduction Act, tax credits will no longer be applicable for the RWD and the Long Range models. This could result in customers selecting the Performance as their preferred model. Examining the cost structure, we can easily detect the considerable implications this will have. Currently, a Model 3 RWD retails for $38,990 and its Long Range version amounts to $45,990.

The MSRP of the Performance version is a total of $50,990, but you can take off $7,500 from that to get an amount of $43,490, which you will have to pay up at the time of purchase.

A modern version of the Model 3, emblazoned with “Engineering Vehicle” insignia and plates from a Texas-based manufacturer, was seen today in the Bay Area. Source: David K photo on Twitter.

What type of strength can we forecast from the modernized Model 3 Performance? As reported by Drive, it will not acquire a tri-motor scheme, notwithstanding, its potency is projected to get better. Insiders maintain that the present model has latent performance capacity yet to be attained.

Assessing the energy production, there is opportunity for enhancement. The pre-facelift version’s dual motor setup solely yields 430 horse power, which is quite subpar presently. The BMW i4 M50 produces 536 hp with the identical equipment, and even then, it is regarded as somewhat meagre in an atmosphere where greater than 800 hp is swiftly becoming the standard.

To sum it up, the Model 3 Performance can accelerate to sixty miles per hour in an impressive 3.3 seconds and can reach a speed of 162 mph. Even if Tesla raised the cost by a few thousand dollars, nothing else impels itself with electrical or petrol power that can rival its performance in this particular price category.

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