Tesla Model 3 Highland Taillight Makeover Revealed

Amber Light No Longer Horizontal

Once again, the facelifted Tesla Model 3, labeled “Project Highland”, has been captured on public roads. This time, it was a white prototype draped in its usual black camouflage, obscuring any changes from observers.

It appears that the snapshot uploaded by Ranjit Bhaskar to his Twitter page has some success in uncovering the outline of a Model 3’s left taillight, determining what was observed at the start of May in a separate series of spy pictures and videos which marked a rearrangement concerning the taillights’ design.

It has been confirmed that the revised Tesla Model 3 “Highland” will come equipped with totally new tail lights boasting a distinct vertical amber LED indicator light in contrast to the horizontal line within the current Model 3 and Y.

The rear diffuser, reminiscent of the Model S, provides a subtle glimpse through its black covering – potentially stimulating some improvements in aerodynamics, leading to incremental enhancements in the overall distance achievable while driving – particularly at higher velocities.

Rumours abound that Tesla is busy refining the specifications of their most accessible car model. A flood of photos and reports have leaked, indicating that the manufacture from Austin, Texas is toiling hard on the subsequent version of the Model 3.

Considered to be one of the most renowned breaches to date, the single image released in April provided a glimpse into the black revised version featuring brand-new dual headlights. In addition, subsequent aerial film clips suggested the upcoming overhaul of the Model 3 may be equipped with a refitted operator wheel and similar gear selectors as the Model S and Model X.

At the most recent shareholder rendezvous of the business, Elon Musk talked about the two distinct new vehicles Tesla has been putting resources into. Although he didn’t say anything further on the project, a dark beguiling was given which appears to mirror that of the current Model 3 outline. The other vehicle is likely the alleged Cybertruck that is assumed to begin manufacturing later this year.

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Source: @ranbhaskar (Twitter)

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