Tesla Model 3 Performance Refresh with Electric Motor

Electric Motor 5D1 Set to Make Its Debut

Tesla recently unveiled their improved Model 3, though initially gave no word of the Performance model. Even so, the top-tier model is on its way.

According to documents shared on the Tesla Fahrer Und Freunde forum, the new Model 3 Performance is set to feature a new motor, as indicated by the “T” designation in the VIN. The Long Range model is powered by the 3D3/3D7 electric motor combo, while the Performance will be equipped with the 3D3/5D1 configuration.

Tesla has not yet disclosed any information on this new configuration, however, reports hint that the 5D1 motor may involve a carbon sleeve rotor for increased operation. We suspect the adapted Model 3 Performance will be more vigorous than its existent version, attaining an output of 430 horsepower.

According to CarNewsChina, data reported by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Technology Technology declare the single-motor RWD variation yields 256 hp. Moreover, the dual-motor AWD modification supplies 437 hp. Suspicion has been raised that this may be the Performance version. If this is so, it appears Tesla has not meddled much with the power outputs.

We shouldn’t forget that the Model 3 Highland is said to be 140 pounds less weighty than its preceding model. This can definitely have a beneficial result on performance, and in addition, enhance the car’s range.

Based on estimates from the WLTP, the Standard Range RWD shows a major boost in range, jumping from 14 miles to an impressive 391 miles per full charge. Furthermore, we can only envisage the Performance edition to have a similar uptick in range which is largely credited to its aerodynamic design.

Confirmation of the #Model3 #Performance #Highland #M3P has been made! The car will feature a dual motor as well as new motor(s) that are designated as “T” – specifically 3D3/5D1. (Otherwise it would have been “L” for 3D3/3D6). pic.twitter.com/02uAIKzzXf

It remains undetermined as to precisely when the modernized Model 3 will be unleashed in the United States. Tesla is currently taking orders for the Highland type in other regions, such as Australia and Europe. North American websites affiliated with Tesla still showcase the present-style automobile, yet we trust the producer will shortly switch to the new version. Various media outlets suggest that the Model 3 Highland could touch down on our continent in early 2023, possibly when existing inventory has diminished.

It is only an assumption, yet it could be that there is an overabundance of pre-cosmetic Model 3s which Tesla needs to offload. Taking a fast glance at Tesla’s Inventory reveals plenty of factory fresh versions available for purchase – therefore anticipate some generous offers in the upcoming weeks and months.

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