Tesla Model S Plaid + Vorsteiner Carbon Kit: Sharp!

Vorsteiner’s CF Aero: Perfect on Plaid.

Vorsteiner has unleashed its carbon fiber aerodynamics program for the Tesla Model S Plaid and, much as with its other projects, the body kit graces the performance EV with a touch of sophisticated ferocity.

Based in California, a well-known tuner offers a package of carbon fiber body accessories with an exposed, glossy finish. The parts involve broadened fenders, front splitter, bonnet, side sills, rear deck spoiler, and diffuser. Apart from being made using lightweight composite materials, these components contribute to increased aerodynamic benefits, though the business neglected to say how much improvement they offer. Nevertheless, it looks sleek and stylish on the electric sedan.

In comparison to Unplugged Performance’s Dark Knight carbon-fiber widebody kit, Vorsteiner keeps it more organic with their Model S Plaid’s conventional shape. They nonetheless offer an assortments of alternatives for customized forged rims available in various sizes and styles — many that reproduce classic looks. Your selection comes at a price, with the carbon wheel series up to around $20,000 per set.

Meanwhile, the side skirts go for $2,595, and the boot lid costs $2,395.With regards to prices, Vorsteiner chose not to reveal the cost of its Model S Plaid carbon aero program, yet on its official website the price of each component is displayed. The most expensive being the hood made of carbon fiber at a price of $4,695, the substantial back diffuser costing $3,695, the side skirts predicting $2,595, and the boot lid selling for $2,395.

Established by the individual behind Gunther Werks, Vorsteiner is proud to employ carbon fiber components fabricated featuring an aerospace autoclave system for additional stiffness. In addition, they incorporate a pre-impregnated, vacuum-formed fiber material which is reportedly as much as 30% tougher than wet-layup CF.

Those that are keen on transition their vehicles with the Vorsteiner carbon aero package should be prepared to wait between 6-8 weeks for the completed product. Furthermore, it is seemingly worth holding out for as the firm impressively modifies cars such as the BMW M2 with similar aero programs.

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