The Stunning Bentley Batur Drop-top Features a Powerful W-12 Engine

Only 16 available: a limited edition 740-horsepower beauty.

Bentley’s W-12 engine is on its final tour, making a stop in Batur, which takes its name from a volcanic lake in Kintamani on the Indonesian island of Bali. This convertible model is essentially a variation of the Batur coupe released in 2022 but with even more exclusivity. Only 16 units of the cabriolet will be produced, compared to the 18 examples of the hardtop version.

Even though it’s not the ultimate Bentley to feature the twin-turbo, 6.0-liter engine, the Batur Convertible is one of the last models with the twelve-cylinder powerhouse. It utilizes the most powerful version of the W-12 so far, with an impressive 740 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque. Unsurprisingly, the convertible matches the power produced by the coupe. The extensive engine will be discontinued sometime this summer.

The esteemed TSI motor has a history of over two decades, in which it has increased its power by almost 40 percent while reducing fuel consumption by 25 percent. This significant power is transferred to the wheels through an eight-speed, dual-clutch automatic gearbox specifically designed for a luxurious grand touring experience. Bentley’s engineers meticulously designed the entire Akrapovič exhaust system using titanium, including the large 3D-printed exhaust tips.

All the authorized photos display the Batur Convertible with the top down, however, there is indeed a soft canopy stowed behind the seats. The top can be raised or lowered in a mere 19 seconds with the push of a button. This action is only possible while the car is moving at speeds of 30 mph or less. The carmaker based in Crewe assures endless customization possibilities by tailoring every aspect of the vehicle.

Bentley exclusively provides the vehicle with a two-seat arrangement while the Continental GT Convertible is more convenient as it can seat rear passengers. In contrast to the coupe’s active rear spoiler, the new version with endless headroom features an integrated ducktail spoiler. The 22-inch wheels come in a distinct design and a tonneau cover has been added to hide the fabric roof when it is folded.

The extremely luxurious British manufacturer claims that the prototype of the Batur Convertible Car #0 is equally as extravagant as the upcoming models. It is adorned with a stunning Vermillion Gloss satin finish and complemented by sleek carbon fiber details. The interior features rose gold embellishments that coordinate perfectly with an iPhone. The elegant cockpit includes a mix of traditional buttons, three vintage-style gauges, and a classic clock reminiscent of the design found in the Continental GT Convertible.

Bentley is not revealing the pricing details yet, but it’s likely that the Batur Convertible will be priced at a minimum of $2.1 million, which is the same price the Volkswagen Group brand asked for the coupe version, which is already sold out. This represents a significant premium compared to the starting price of approximately $330,000 for a Continental GT Speed Convertible.

Despite the discontinuation of the W-12 and the upcoming demise of the V-10 in the Huracan/R8, Volkswagen continues to offer powerful engines. The Revuelto, equipped with a V-12, is set to remain in production for a significant period. Additionally, Bugatti is preparing to launch a new V-16 hypercar as a successor to the Chiron.

Source: Bentley

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