Toyota GR Corolla v Honda Civic Type R Drag Race

Turbocharged Hatchback Showdown

The Toyota GR Corolla is a ludicrously fast hatch with racing pedigree, and the Honda Civic Type R is one of the most snappy front-wheel drive cars available, so which would come out on top in a drag race? The only way to establish this would be to have an old-school race.

The turbocharged Corolla distinguishes itself by featuring an all-wheel-drive system from its potent 1.6-liter triple packing 300 horsepower, while the red-badged Civic exhibits a 315-horsepower sting emanated from its 2.0-liter four-cylinder motor that is only directed to the front axles. For a more decisive result,, an automotive YouTube channel based in South Africa, decided to test the two hatchbacks in a best-of-three race from a stationary beginning.

Toyota GR Corolla vs Civic Type-R Drag Race! Best of three and rolling start (manual vs manual)

In the initial competition, the GR Corolla got off to a tremendous start and enjoyed a firmer launch due to its AWD configuration. It was able to transfer power noticeably quicker, yet the Civic Type R managed to reconstruct some of the terrain it had lost nearer the finish line with its mightiness edge and minutely lighter weight (the Corolla weighed 3,252 pounds compared to the CTR’s 3,188 pounds). Regardless, the GR Corolla still ended up the victor in this first heat.

Nevertheless, things seemed different in the subsequent run for the Civic Type R as it started off more effectively. Despite the Toyota had a headstart, the Honda came back and prevailed by the finish of the 0.25-mile stretch, much similar to the first time.

Round three saw a commencement identical to the second, however, the Civic Type R was not able to close the gap due to lagging transitions. Ultimately, it was the GR Corolla which emerged victorious in this battle, demonstrating that competency and swift reaction times are just as vital factors as total might.

For a change of pace, bonus points were awarded for an 18-mph rolling start competition between the two hatchbacks. The GR Corolla forged ahead initially, yet once more the Type R fastened its comeback and crossed the end line in first place.

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