Treat an ’80s Icon Right: $600k Lancia Delta

Desire Abounds.

Following two years’ anticipation, Automobili Amos has now manufactured the initial out of ten Safaristas.

It’s been some time since the Safarista made its debut, so perhaps you need a reminder. Founded two years ago with an appealing estimated price tag of $500K apiece, only 10 specimens of this Lancia Delta Integrale-based restomod are set to be produced. This makes it far more accessible when compared to other exclusive high-performance cars.

Established in 2016, Automobili Amos was formed by Eugenio Amos and Carlo Borromeo with the intention of establishing a firm similar to Singer. Primarily, it is aiming to pursue the same mission as Singer did with the Porsche 911: creating a captivating product related to Lancia’s history.

The company unveiled the Futurista as the impetus behind their vision, presenting a contemporary version of the 80s symbol manufactured in a quantity of only 20 units. Demonstrating versatility, this time they have decided to enter the off-road realm for their construction.

The phrase “functionality and durability over aesthetics” was the driving force behind this project. To make sure it would be a success, the company got Podium Advanced Technology to provide their racing knowledge and BorromeoDeSilva to bring their design vision to life. The result is an incredible restomod that could easily compete with Manhart’s creations. Every part of the vehicle was replaced or rebuilt, down to the chassis, making it ready for even the toughest WRC stages.

The outline of the automobile has been totally redesigned to provide space for a selection of serious racing parts. The traditional rear entrance is absent, as the shape now sports a contentious three-door composition with distinct frontal and back bumpers, prolonged wheel arches, and a stylish new aerofoil on top as the final touch.

The car currently boasts a Reiger adjustable suspension system, with Brembo brakes on all 4 edges. EvoCorse Olympiacorse black wheels, encased in Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain tires, give it an aggressive look; this is further reinforced by the oversized mud flaps.

The interior is stripped to its essentials, designed exclusively for maximum performance of the car. In a departure from its earlier frame, it now has two Sabelt carbon bucket seats with five-point harnesses, a carbon structure in the rear, a fire extinguishing unit, and a full roll cage as opposed to four seats. Additionally, Tilton adjustable pedals, a button box, a Motec dashboard, Lexan windows, a hydraulic handbrake and a 3MO five-speed sequential shifter give you the right equipment for a race.

It is imperative to take full advantage of the modifications made to the car’s new engine. This is enabled by an initial two-liter four-cylinder 16-valve motor, and also includes a boost from a Motec ECU consisting of three personalised maps as well as an anti-lag feature. The Safarista boasts a remarkable 395 horsepower performance rating despite its original 197 hp capacity; a considerable raise thanks to the specified improvements.

It’s a comprehensive rally creation from start to finish and not for those who are timid. The cost is simply outrageous; the Safarista will be priced at a whopping 570,000 euros (which currently converts to around $607,000). This does not even factor in the price of the donor car, which you can expect to cost an additional $40,000 for one in decent condition. Spending such a large amount may seem daunting, but if you wish to compete in the major leagues, then it is necessary – no doubt all ten units have already been secured!

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