Ultimate Roma Replacement: Hear the Luxurious Ferrari Amalfi Spider in Action!

Ferrari trademarks iconic Italian location for upcoming model

Ferrari has officially claimed ownership of two novel titles – Amalfi and Amalfi Spider – in anticipation for their potential utilization in upcoming high-performance cars or hypercars. CarBuzz stumbled upon these fresh trademark filings at the Italian Office of Patents and Trademarks, which were registered almost a month prior.

For those unfamiliar with the geography of Italy, the Amalfi Coast and its eponymous town (recognized as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites) lie within the Campania region, situated along the picturesque Gulf of Salerno. This stunning area boasts a plethora of natural and man-made marvels to behold.

It is no surprise that Ferrari is considering utilizing this name to designate one of its upcoming vehicles. However, the question remains – which one?

In its yearly investors meeting held recently, Ferrari announced the addition of three new models to their lineup set for release in 2024. While some speculate that this may include motorsport vehicles, it is improbable. The release of the race-ready 296 GTB and its sibling, the 296 Challenge, has already taken place, along with the unveiling of the 499P Modificata which falls on the extreme end of the spectrum. With limited space for more motorsport models, it is likely that Ferrari’s upcoming releases will be focused on road cars. However, the question remains: which ones?

It is common knowledge that a new model will follow the LaFerrari, and the 812 Superfast with its V12 engine is set for an update. The 296 GTB is also expected to receive a more extreme version, although an appropriate name for this already exists.

Italian town, Amalfi, would make a perfect moniker for the next model following the Ferrari Roma. This has been precedent with previous models such as the 360 Modena, proving that geographical names can be used universally. However, it may be a while before we see if the Amalfi will be the successor to the Roma, as the newly released Roma Spider still needs time to establish itself on the market and prove its justification for being developed and produced.

The perplexing question remains: where do the Ferrari Amalfi and Amalfi Spider fit within the esteemed lineup of Maranello’s high-performance sports cars and supercars? With an abundance of information at our disposal, it is difficult to determine their precise placement. Moreover, the praiseworthy namesake of other Ferrari trademarks, such as Mugello, Milano, and Montecarlo, only adds to the uncertainty. Yet, these are not the sole names that have been recently registered by Ferrari.

As new details emerge, we will continue to provide you with updates.

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