Unlocking the Inspiration Behind Fiat’s New Special Edition 500

Clean and Timeless: The Fiat 500’s Enduring Design Legacy

Back in the past, during a time when the Geneva Motor Show reigned supreme as the must-see event for car enthusiasts, Fiat made a big splash by unveiling the Trepiuno Concept on March 4th, 2004. As we reach the 20-year mark, FCA Heritage is commemorating the triumph of that concept by creating a limited edition model that will capture the essence of the present-day 500’s exceptional design.

This article discusses the latest release from the Reloaded by Creators initiative, which previously gifted us with a unique Fiat Multipla and also commemorated the Alfa Romeo 4C with a special edition model. However, in contrast to those ventures, this Fiat 500 remake will be produced in larger quantities. The exact quantity and final design are yet to be decided.

Heritage | Fiat 500 Tributo Trepiuno

The initial Trepiuno received its moniker (which translates to “three plus one”) due to its distinct seating arrangement that allowed for three adults to sit comfortably while the front passenger moved their seat all the way forward, with the back seat behind the driver serving as an emergency seat. While the rear seat design of the concept was not replicated exactly, the new special edition features a recreated color scheme both on the interior and exterior.

According to Roberto Giolito, former leader of Fiat Group’s Advanced Design team (now head of Stellantis Heritage), the presentation of the concept vehicle in a metallic white color was crucial in showcasing the success of the Trepiuno’s reveal. This choice highlighted the design team’s keen attention to the fundamental styling elements of the 1957 500 model, and it effectively achieves the same impact here.

The upcoming special edition model will not be an exact replica of the original concept, but it will showcase similar features such as wheels, paint, and trimmings. One of the most impressive aspects of this edition is the incorporation of retro Fiat logos with a blue background, especially when paired with the chrome wheels. The two-tone white and reddish brown interior is also noteworthy, featuring full-grain leather upholstery adorned with embroidered “Trepiuno XX” logos on all four seats. The dashboard will also pay homage to the 2004 concept, showcasing sketches by Giolito from that time. However, it should be noted that these are only initial renders and final adjustments may still be made.

Fiat has yet to disclose the exact quantity of units it plans to manufacture, however, every single one will include an authenticity certificate issued by Stellantis Heritage. The price is also undisclosed, but Fiat is currently accepting inquiries for potential buyers.

Due to its emphasis on being a hybrid rather than an electric vehicle like the Fiat 500e, it is highly unlikely that any models of the limited edition will be available in America.

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