Unusual Appeal: Toyota Crown Convertible Stands Out in a Class of its Own

Toyota considers expanding Crown lineup with new models.

Despite its reputation for being conservative, Toyota isn’t afraid to step outside the box and embrace its eccentric side. In a nod to the once-popular but now mostly forgotten Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet and Volkswagen T-Roc Cabrio, the automaker has transformed its Crown crossover into an unconventional, four-door convertible model.

The Crown, with its black and bronze color scheme, is not a common convertible crossover. While this body style has been seen before, it is not often featured in models with four doors. Toyota’s team of designers were faced with a number of challenges when it came to constructing the unique convertible. They had to utilize a 3D printer to fabricate numerous new parts, which integrate smoothly with the vehicle’s overall body design.

優勝パレードに華を添えた 新型センチュリーのオープンカー|トヨタイムズニュース

The latest rear deck seamlessly links the chic façade to the white interior of the vehicle. Its four-door design avoids the appearance of being too short, maintaining its fashionable proportions unlike typical convertible SUVs.

The construction demanded the engineers to manually fuse fresh components and the extra fortifications posed a difficulty in the assembly process. The end result resembles a production-ready model, seamlessly integrated into the existing Crown series.

Toyota has previously produced convertible versions of the Crown, which were primarily used for parades and other special occasions. Now, with the latest model, the company has already started producing different variations. These include a sedan, a wagon, and a traditional crossover. However, Toyota is open to introducing additional body styles in response to customer feedback.

There is a possibility that the Crown convertible could make the jump from a unique concept vehicle to becoming commercially available. However, the Murano’s production only lasted for a short period of time and the Land Range Rover Evoque Convertible was merely a passing trend, so the odds are not in Toyota’s favor. Despite this, the overall concept is promising and we wouldn’t be opposed to seeing it on American streets.

Source: Toyota Times / YouTube

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