Unusual Mod for Toyota GR Supra – With Purpose

Adam LZ’s BMW Autodrift: Far Easier Than Expected

The MKV Toyota GR Supra caused a real stir when it debuted in 2019; its forerunner, the MKIV Supra, had already become a desirable Japanese Domestic Market automobile during the early 2000s due to its highly customizable 2JZ engine, which proved to be an ideal fit for anything from drag racing to drifting.

Despite its abundant capacity as a sports car, the A90 Toyota Supra has long been despised for basically being just a hardtop BMW Z4. Yet four years later, the automotive world seems to have ultimately taken in the MKV generation with diverse outlandish builds that have come to light. Professional drifter Adam LZ, accustomed to taking on audacious projects, is attempting something quite distinct this time by transmuting this A90 Supra into an automated drive-able driftmobile.

Driving World's First DCT A90 Supra - 7 Speed!

Following his acquisition and repair of this battered Supra, Adam made the choice to retain the 8-speed automatic gearbox. With support from HGT, a Polish customizing specialist, the broken original gearbox got completely changed over so that its clutch pedal became functional once again.

Having a clutch is crucial for drifting due to its capacity to enable the driver to ‘clutch kick’ the car–spiking the RPMs to upsurge the back wheel velocity as a way of initiating or keeping a drift. Unfortunately, Adam’s stock 8-speed eventually was unable to hold up and needed a replacement. Adam was left with three options: obtaining another 8-speed original equipment manufacturer transmission, going for an OEM 6-speed manual, or acquiring a 7-speed dual clutch transmission from BMW.

He opted for the latter, expressing that the dual-clutch transmission would grant more fortitude and dependability than the 8-speed, all while permitting the automobile appropriate use as an automated daily driven car. While he did not disclose which specific transmission he utilized, we imagined it to be the 7-speed M-DCT from either an F82 M4 or F87 M2.

The accomplished Polish team of HGT is once again contributing their unique talents towards this endeavour, with the installation of their specialized transmission control module (GCU). Bartek from HGT wastes no time in setting to work to fine-tune the software of the GCU transmission system. This requires a meticulous process of calibrating and balancing all of the solenoid valves in the transmission that are responsible for using the two clutches and their proper response to the engine’s power. Carrying out this job requires extensive patience and an especially gradual progress – beginning with first-gear bite-point adjustments and culminating in full-scale, high-gear pulls.

Having connected in and out, Adam eventually discovered that he could get into the driver’s chair. Trial-running the Supra offered him a wonderful experience; he was taken aback by the feel of the transmission and it had remarkably transformed the sports car’s peculiarity. Even though there will require refining, the upshifts produced a touch of sluggishness while the ECU seemed to choke out the throttle on level shifts.

Investigating further, Adam uncovered that the automobile is overpressurizing while transitioning gears, leading to the ECU reducing its throttle as a safety precaution. To solve this dilemma in full, a deep dive into ECU configuration is mandatory. This whole process is intriguing and would take far too long for us to intricately explain it here–we highly suggest taking a look at the video recording to comprehend all of the refined information.

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