V8 Pink 240Z: Nissan icon with a twist.

Flaming Pink Shell Hides a Powerful V8

Though the Datsun 240Z is ordinarily equipped with Nissan’s L Sequence straight-six powertrains, Farah from Malaysia considered it would be smart to utilize a V8 motor into the sporty coupe. Behold the Lucifer Pinko — the spectacular paint job is immediately distinguishable, even at a quick look.

However, the construction is not simply about its color. As it turns out, this thing is driven by a VH41DE V8, which is a naturally-aspirated Nissan engine derived from the 90s. It was featured in luxury cars such as the Infiniti Q45 and other large Nissan sedans created in the 90s, generating 266 horsepower from the factory – more powerful than the classic straight-six engine of its Nissan Z predecessor.

I meet the girl who built the pink widebody Datsun 240Z. VH41 engine!

In 2016, Farah decided that rather than swapping her 240Z for an electric vehicle, a V8 engine would be a better fit to achieve her envisioned build. Making its name through its impressive motorsports accomplishments, the RB26 inline-six had already cemented its reputation in the Nissan Skyline GT-R.

Farah vocalized that her option to alter the engine was exclusively due to her desire to bring about an alteration to her vehicle. She commenced the reconstruction in 2020, yet the advancement was restrained because of the outbreak. Jumping forward to 2023, the coupe is presently equipped with the 4.1-litre V8 manufacturing plant, bestowing it its exclusive sound and personality.

The demonic Pinko holds the Star Road Fighter V1 body kit, which appears fairly normal except for the extended front and rear quarter panels with offset wheel holes. Included in the extensive body modification is a set of wheels adorned with ornate artistry and enveloped in Yokohama Advan tires.

The pink motif is carried into the interior, as seen on the stitching on the seats. The headrests also come with a script that reads “Retro Havoc,” which pays homage to the most renowned auto show in Malaysia owned by Farah and her spouse, Alie. The interior of the car is accented with the same pink hue, featured on the seat stitching and headrests, and the script on the headrests reads “Retro Havoc,” a reference to the popular auto show hosted by Farah and Alie.

Farah declared that more labour is required for the VH41-powered 240Z, arousing anticipation in us for the final outcome.

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