Volkswagen ID.3 Spied with GTI-Inspired Styling

First Look: ID.3 Gives Peek at GTI Styling

Sneaky CarBuzz snappers have caught sight of an athletic version of the Volkswagen ID.3 on photo! The camouflage was pretty much nonexistent, showing that the GTX edition of the electric vehicle (EV) is sure to be a head-turner. It is worth noting that the ID.3 is a smaller car than the American-market Volkswagen ID.4, and it has been convenient for people since its release several months ago. VW surely recognized the potential this model had, leading them to develop a performance variant. Investigations suggest that these prototypes have been modified subtly to signal their extra energy, which will probably exceed everyone’s expectations.

A thorough sketch of the insides lurks under the facade of the modernized EV, likely using a tandem motor circuitry that sends out power to both front and back wheels. Hinting towards an increased output are several modifications such as a fresh mesh-like insert for the bottom grille, bigger tires, a smaller ride-height, and a hostile diffuser laid under the cover of camouflage.

We anticipate some reddish hues inside and out, as with different GTX models, but that suffix is no longer a guarantee. Consider that the upcoming GTI will presumably be all electric, there’s no requirement to separate powerful EVs with the GTX sort of name, which means that the vehicle we’re analyzing here could potentially be referred to as the ID.3 GTI, making it the premier EV with those esteemed letters.

This ID.3 GTX/GTI might not find its place in the US, however, the anticipated electric Golf GTI could still arrive, and it may have even less strength than this particular ID.3 is expected to generate. Most reports suggest that only one front motor will be allocated (to maintain a single driven axle thrill), said to give off 282 hp, coupled with a lightweight yet small-sized battery for an ideal driving experience. This should surface during 2026, rolled out as a 2027 model, with the Golf nomenclature being deliberated while other models get new names. In the meantime, having this sporty ID.3 released can present extra indications.

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