Volvo EX30: Glean Jeep Wrangler Design

Small Volvo Crossover’s New Interior.

Volvo disclosed additional information regarding the anticipated EX30 electric crossover to make our mouths water prior to the June 7 unveiling, accompanying the inner glimpses with the most excellent view of the vehicle’s exterior yet. The Scandinavian marque has always been about effectiveness and conformation design, and the EX30 also does not deviate from this.

Volvo has a unique method of outfitting their cars with speakers for the audio system. Their soundbar stretches across the dashboard and is seamlessly blended in underneath the windshield. Instead of having numerous scattered speakers throughout the car, the soundbar clusters them all into one area. The manufacturer claims that premium audio quality is still achieved, especially if it is partnered up with their Harman Kardon sound system.

This is understandable. By removing the requirement of speakers in the door cards, Volvo has been able to craft roomier pockets offering expanded storage capability. In addition, there is no need for extra electrical wiring, thus mitigating the production complexity.

At the heart of the cabin lies a 12.3-inch central screen – this is the exclusive display present in the interior, as Volvo has eliminated the customary instrument panel from the equation.

“On the single display, essential driving data like speed and charge levels are prominently placed at the top, with navigation, media, and controls visible and easily accessible beneath,” explains Tom Stovicek, Head of UX at Volvo Cars. “We have also integrated a contextual bar that offers you the most pertinent functions for your requirements at any given moment.”

The EX30, similar to its larger counterpart EX90, will come with Google built-in as standard. However, it also boasts wireless compatibility with Apple CarPlay. The intricate infotainment system is powered by a Snapdragon Cockpit Platform.

If you find the touchscreen on your Volvo a bit too much, the carmaker has included a “calm” view option which removes all but the most important information, making for a less distracting display. Volvo claims this is especially helpful when driving at night.

Passenger and cargo capacities are frequently a challenge to accommodate in streamlined crossovers, yet Volvo has employed each bit of room in the EX30’s interior. They have repositioned the power window buttons towards the central console, similar to a Jeep Wrangler, which releases area on the door trim. This further diminishes complexity, as the driver and passenger can both reach the controls. This configuration should also reduce the quantity of necessary electric window switches, resulting in cost savings.

It can also easily accommodate several necessities such as phone chargers and sunglasses.Going against the standard, the EX30 features a glove compartment positioned beneath the dashboard. This unorthodox interior design furnishes both the driver and front seat passenger with access to this compartment. The central console, styled similarly to a luxurious drinks tray, is placed in the heart of the atmosphere and can be adjusted to fit the operator’s specifications. Along with that, it conveniently holds items such as cell phone juicers and shades.

The top portion contains a sliding element that can be manipulated to securely accommodate one’s beverage or mobile device. It can also be shifted back should you need more room for other items. The bottom includes an inconspicuous storage unit, which is ideal for concealing precious items. Furthermore, it grants enough space to fit your bag, as demonstrated in the figure shown above.

Back occupants also avail from the middle compartment, which comprises of a specialized compartment moving outwards to the backseat. Certainly, there are seatback compartments as well. The loading area is provided with an ideal sizing guide, making it more favorable for cramming massive objects into the trunk area.

It may be a fundamental edition, yet the inside gives a strong contrast. Environmentally-friendly, recycled elements will flood the interior. Volvo has utilized nontypical resources such as denim and wool, promising implementation of an upscale ambience.

“Creative textures, color, and personality are all brought to the cabin through the use of new materials, while the hallmark of every true Volvo creation is smart functionality and a great user experience,” said Lisa Reeves, Head of Interior Design at Volvo. “These elements combine to create the essence of a Volvo in a compact package.”

The remuneration of the EX30 will occur on June 7, and though these most recent previews impart our illuminative perspective thus far immediately from Volvo, sequestered patent depictions have exposed the outward appearance absolutely.

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