Upgraded Volvo EX30: Stylish & Sexy!

Volvo Expands Small Electric SUV Package

The EX30, from Volvo, is pegged to make its debut in the United States sometime during the initial six months of 2021. To that end, Heico Sportiv, which specializes in refining Volvo cars, has presented a spectrum of accessories for individuals wishing to spruce up their minor crossover.

In contrast to past kits fashioned by Heico, those intended for the EX30 are rather limited. Notwithstanding, the organisation has pledged to go on creating brand new personalisation alternatives, incorporating a set of components body kit that will provide a sporty look. Corrected: In comparison to previous offerings from Heico, such as those for the XC60, the kits for the EX30 are quite restricted. However, the company has promised to keep on producing new customisation options, including a multi-part body kit that offers a sporty aesthetic.

Just a glance and it’s evident that the Heico sports package has been designed to turn heads. Nonetheless, there isn’t just showmanship involved here as the brand currently offers sport springs at €390 (fairly close to $426 with the present currency conversion). Displayed in their signature Heico Blue, the springs decrease the vehicle by almost 1.18 inches, allowing for a great balance between a sporty feel and comfort while cruising.

A wide range of rims can be supplemented by the Volution X 10-spoke design. The regular 20-inch gloss black style comes at a cost of €600 ($655) whereas the 21-inch diamond-cut black option charges €839 ($915). For those wanting to make tweaks, an exclusive valve kit is priced at €29 ($32).

From a visual standpoint, Heico offers a couple of products to buyers; one being a rear badge attached to the centre of the tailgate that is currently selling for $105 ($115), and a second smaller version which is chrome plated and costs €29 ($32). Moving to the inside, an exquisitely crafted set of floor mats with the Heico name brand on them are offered for a price of €169 ($184)

People who haven’t pre-ordered the EX30 will be confronted with a basic price tag of $34,950 (not including transportation payment fee of $1,295). That indicates that the EX30 will take precedence over brands such as BMW and Audi in being the most cost-effective of all exclusive electric cars on sale in the US. Speaking of the top-grade Twin Performance propulsion system, about $45,000 will get you to its outstanding 422hp and 400 lb.-ft turning capacity. It can race up to 60 miles per hour in merely 3.4 seconds, rendering it the swiftest Volvo ever made until now.

Heico Sportiv can provide a global delivery service for EX30 parts, so even when the EX30 is released and there is no local merchant, you can still easily customize the design of your electric Volvo.

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