VW Unveils ID.7 Electric Wagon

Can Sleek Design Ensure Success?

Volkswagen has issued official images of its inaugural all-electric station wagon, the ID.7 Tourer. Prior to this, we’ve caught a glimpse of the long-roof ID.7 however the German automobile manufacturer has yet to uncover its definitive guise, with the mock-up being shrouded in a seasonal camouflage showcasing encoded QR codes that aim to urge digital engagement.

Besides the visuals, VW has specified certain details regarding their forthcoming ID.7 Tourer. It is equipped with a drag coefficient of 0.24; similar to the 0.23 value associated with the regular ID.7 which is the most aerodynamic electric vehicle ever created by the company. We can consequently anticipate that the wagon variant will be able to offer a comparable range to the sedan model.

The ID.7 Tourer draws from the advanced MEB platform, which is employed for both the sedan and offers an array of advantages, such as shortened overhangs and a larger wheelbase, that significantly aids in amplifying internal area.

No shortage of cargo space is the hallmark of the ID.7 Tourer, boasting a trunk with up to 19.2 cubic feet of space even when filled to the height of the rear seat backrest. With this row folded down, the total space reaches a generous capacity of 60.5 ft3 – ample room for all your storage needs. Additionally, the vehicle also has a loading area that measures an impressive 6.7 feet long, making it ideal for containing longer items.

At this time, there are no interior images of the Tourer model, yet it is predicted that it will have a similar luxurious and cozy seating as its four-door companion, which was created in partnership with well-known orthopedic specialists.

At present, the German make hasn’t divulged any details on power ratings. Nonetheless, there’s a chance that this ID.7 Tourer could utilize the same 77 kWh and 85 kWh batteries as with the Volkswagen ID.7, estimated to give a full-charge WLTP range of up to around 435 miles. Whether it will also spawn a special, more powerful, 550 hp incarnation remains uncertain yet. Nevertheless, we speculate people wouldn’t oppose one if presented.

Although Volkswagen has yet to divulge a precise launch date for the ID.7 Tourer, they have revealed that it is scheduled to be officially revealed in 2024. This model will be manufactured at the company’s Emden factory in Germany alongside its corresponding ID.7. Let us hope that when the new version arrives, it does not emit any peculiar noises whilst performing software updates.

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