Will This Ford Bronco DR Sell on Its Latest Listing?

Sellers Valuing Rare Off-Road Toy Higher Than Buyers: Is It Worth the Fortune?

A second Bronco Desert Runner, an exceptional model of the iconic Ford Bronco, is set to hit the auction block through Bring a Trailer. This marks only the second time such a vehicle has been featured on the online platform, prompting speculation as to whether it will be bought this time.

There are just 50 Ford Bronco DR models in existence, with a Mystichrome variant being recently listed on Bring a Trailer. Despite receiving a top bid of $365,000, it did not meet the reserve price. It is worth mentioning that the Bronco DR was initially priced at $295,000 without additional features.

Surprisingly, a different Bronco DR was purchased at Barrett-Jackson for a staggering $440,000, proving that there are indeed buyers out there. The key is simply to locate them.

The Bronco DR for sale boasts a crisp white exterior, lending it a subtle yet sophisticated appearance. It was the fourth unit in a limited production of 50, with manufacturing commencing in late 2022 and delivery to its owner in September 2023. This highlights the impressive upgrades conducted by Multimatic, showcasing their attention to detail and high standards.

Improvements comprise of a protective roll cage, tubular steel bumpers, side steps, efficient LED lighting, side and rooftop air scoops, a detachable engine cover, and body panels made of resin transfer molded fiberglass with doors that can be removed and no window glass. As one can imagine, when subjected to large jumps, windows are not fond of the experience, especially if the glass has been tempered.

The 17-inch beadlock rims are enclosed in 37-inch BFGoodrich tires designed for competition use. The suspension system features Multimatic aluminum lower control arms and remote-reservoir adjustable spool valve dampers. This set up allows for an impressive 15.8 inches of suspension travel in the front and 17.4 inches in the rear. The vehicle also boasts a static ground clearance of 11.8 inches.

This off-road truck features custom black vinyl Recaro Pro Racer ORV-XL seats and Sparco safety harnesses. The lack of an odometer means that exact mileage cannot be determined, however, it is equipped with a MoTeC data acquisition system and a control panel device. The steering wheel is a Sparco flat-bottom design with Ford Performance branding and is easily removable with a quick-release hub.

The Bronco DR is equipped with a formidable 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine (not the standard V6 found in the Baja-winning Bronco Raptor) that has been fine-tuned to produce an impressive 400 horsepower. This power is efficiently distributed to all four wheels through a 10R80 ten-speed automatic transmission, an electronically-controlled dual-range transfer case borrowed from the F-150, and front and rear locking differentials featuring 4.7:1 gearing. To safeguard these critical components against the demands of off-road racing, skid plates have been strategically placed underneath.

Similar to the other Bronco DR models, this particular unit is prohibited from being used on public roads, making it a costly plaything for off-road adventures. The production of all 50 Bronco DRs by Multimatic is still ongoing, meaning that we can anticipate seeing more of these high-performance trucks available for purchase in the coming years. While the current bidding price for this specific model has already reached an impressive $110,000, there are still nine days left for potential buyers to make their offers and potentially turn a profit.

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