Witness Tesla’s Autonomy: A Preview

Tesla Leak: V12.1 Demo Preview

A tester of Tesla’s most up-to-date Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta V12.1 has uploaded a footage demonstrating the capacities of the new Artificial Intelligence-run feature. After viewing, it seems that the program indeed functions properly, with a few exceptions.

This video depicted a brief journey of a Tesla motor car driving around the Tesla Fremont manufacturing plant. The electric-powered vehicle had a smooth launch and held its distance from the vehicles in front. It swapped lanes slowly and with confidence, as observed by the automatic wheel maneuvering.

The leaked footage demonstrates some enhancement, however it is yet to be perfected. The electric vehicle had difficulty getting out of the parking area, with the operator forcing the acceleration in order to progress. Keeping in mind the EV’s welfare, a semi-trailer truck was parked on its right side, obstructing roadways.

The EV had a dilemma related to speed bumps in which reducing speed seemed unfeasible, navigating them at around 16 mph was not optimal; however, it is necessary to keep in mind that this was merely for early testers and only Tesla staff members were allowed.

In comparison to its former incarnations, FSD V12.1 features a neural network-based system in place of the hitherto present 300,000 lines of code and programs. Leveraging AI technology, this novel OS is capable of recognizing and comprehending a diversity of intricate traffic scenarios.

The set-up may appear state-of-the-art now more than ever before, but it remains an SAE Grade 2 akin to Ford’s Blue Tour and Toyota’s Safety Sense. Therefore, it still requires the motorist’s unwavering focus at any hour.

The next installment of FSD V12.1 is ready to be debuted on Tesla electric vehicles, such as the Cybertruck, in mid-January. Adopting the refreshed version, Tesla optimistically anticipates a relief from the government’s worries about its safety matters.

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