Wood Masterpiece: Kenworth W900LX Big Rig

Ready for a Long Haul: Realistic Detail Included
Wood Truck - Kenworth W900LX - Awesome Woodcraft

The distinguished Kenworth W900L collection is an iconic truck. Showcasing a lengthy hood and a traditional cab design, the standard aesthetic of this vehicle is what most have come to expect when imagining a heavy-duty rig. Even if they have no knowledge of trucks, the unmistakable aura surrouding the W900LX is unmistakable – even in its tiny wooden form.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail are key hallmarks of Awesome Woodcraft’s work, and the Kenworth truck is no exception. Templates made from cardboard help the builder trace the design on wooden blocks prior to cutting with a jigsaw. Key features of the design are then outlined and sculpted utilizing a chisel and lead pencil.

The majestic truck starts to form as its cab is carefully put together and its frame and suspension are equipped. Every one of the 16 wheels has been accurately rounded off with a lathe, and they look as if each one is distinctively a wheel and tire. Nothing has been too trivial for this remarkable wooden construction. Necessary components such as jack stands backing the trailer, box-like utility tanks and round, saddlebag-style fuel tanks have all been fitted. On top of that, the motor is fastened with a driveshaft to the formidable 8 drive wheels.

The subsequent aspect of the construction concentrates on the tanker trailer. A plain freight wagon would have been more straightforward to assemble, yet the tank is far more of an artistic test. Constructed from individual orbicular blocks of wood secured by metallic reinforcement bands, the final product bears a resemblance to a machine outfitted to transfer gasoline or beer from an upturned vehicle.

At last, the semi has been painted and put together with exquisite detail. Stumbling upon it would give a feeling of awe— no less than that of one encountering the Ford F-450 Super Duty woodcraft. On inspection, the hood is lifted to display its engine. As soon as the cab panels are opened, it displays the fitted interior, ranging from the upholstery of the seats to the dashboard. Everything has been immaculately reproduced, from the apex of the smoke stacks to each single lug nut on the wheels.

The spectacular outcome of the task is something that has to be seen to be believed. The tractor and trailer have been designed in exact harmony with the iconic Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz made by Amazing Woodcraft previously. However, standing at nearly four feet long, the Kenworth drastically surpasses the dimension of the Cadillac just like it would in reality.

Source: Awesome Woodcraft via YouTube

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