Zenvo Aurora: Hybrid V12 Hypercar Reaching 248+ MPH

Zenvo Unveils Supercharged Aurora V12 and More.

Zenvo, the extraordinaire Danish producer of hypercars, has just declared that their substitute to the TSR series of hypercars shall be also named Aurora. Amply powered by a 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine with supplemental hybrid help, it will launch this August while aiming to reach a top speed surpassing 248 mph. A minimal offering of 100 units is to be manufactured, of which 30 have already been reserved. Divided between Agil and Tur models, the edition is meant to cater to those striving for track perfection and grand touring devotion, respectively.

Established in 2004, the manufacturer wasn’t until recently that a street-legal automobile was designed; the TSR-S debuting as the first. It was followed by the astronomical TSR-GT with an impressive 1,360 horsepower and top speed limitation of 263 mph.

These are the figures belonging to Bugatti’s Chiron Super Sport, showing that the prominent car producer had expectations to surpass all others. Rumors were circulating at the end of last year regarding the manufacturing of a genuine follow-up to the TSR and it has now been affirmed that it will be unveiled later this year.

Last year, the organization presented the principle of its vehicle to chosen potential customers. It revealed that the design would incorporate a unique modular carbon fiber monocoque and carbon subframes and be AWD. Power would derive from the outrageous 6.0-liter V12 arrangement which will make use of two electric turbochargers united with a Zenvo eight-speed automatic transmission. At the time, it was speculated the system could generate roughly 1,500 hp in the standard version, with an ultimate 1,800-hp model being discussed.

The figures have not yet been definitively established, however it is probable that they will be related to the two different trims in some way. The Tur trim is thought to boast a top speed of 248mph, however it looks as if the Agil could be the higher performing option with an abundance of extra downward pressure. The possibility of it leveraging Zenvo’s uncommon centripetal wing has yet to be determined.

It is theorized that both certain versions of these models will adhere to road regulations, as Zenvo announces their intent to become globally certified – thus being able to be displayed at your local Cars & Coffee gathering. Absolutely anyone in the world will be able to acquire the vehicle and this is merely a first step towards their ambitions 10-year plot, which they hope will bring them further success. Concentrated within this is the use of a V12 engine, which they anticipate using in even more of their cars in the near future.

“Today marks a momentous occasion in Zenvo’s history,” declared Jens Sverdrup, the firm’s Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman of the Board. “It is an incredible honor to be at the helm of our rapidly expanding team as we enter into the most thrilling era of the company. This car has been crafted from the passion that lies deep within the Zenvo family, and is a testament to our commitment to ‘smiles per mile’. 2023 is set to be an unforgettable year.”

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