2024 Lamborghini Revuelto: Sold 2 Yrs Before Reveal

Putting Trust in Lamborghini: Pre-order Unseen Car.

The CEO of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, conveyed that the fresh 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto is already fully-booked for two years when he spoke to journalists at a media gathering in early March, according to Road & Track.

“We already have a high demand,” said the CEO. “If you put all the orders in we are seeing today, we are already exceeding two years of ordering.” This is no surprise given that back in November, Winkelmann had noted that the brand had an overall waiting list extending out to 2024. And this list appears to have grown as more products have been added to the portfolio.

Conspicuously, prospective clients were quick to register their details even prior to when orders became available.

At the event earlier in March, Winkelmann declared, “We will commence the [order] system towards the end of March or the start of April when we officially unveil the car. Over the course of the following month, all orders will be placed. But it is already obvious that we will surpass two years’ worth of orders.”

While some of Lamborghini’s most valued customers were already privy to certain information about the car, “the majority of the customers who have placed orders have not even seen the vehicle; they don’t even know [what it looks like],” said Winkelmann. Despite this, the enthusiasm for the car has been overwhelming, with many customers eager to get their hands on the newest Lamborghini.

The configuration module for the Revuelto has recently been unveiled, yet, sadly enough, no details of the cost of the awesome V12 sports car were revealed. The forerunner of this model, the Aventador Ultimae, had a starting value of $498,258 in coupé form and reached $546,847 for its Roadster version. For that reason, we expect the Revuelto to start at over $500,000- even before the availability of any vivid colors or luxurious upholstery options; certainly, the Roadster variant will definitely be much higher. Fortunately though, judging from what we’ve previously seen of the auto, it appears worthy of its seemingly astronomical rate.

It’s no surprise that Lamborghini saw an upsurge in revenue during the previous year given the ambitious order lists and incredibly high returns. Far surpassing other firms in the delicate high-end exchange, the specialist vehicle producer surely raked in more gains than any other.

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