915HP Manhart M5: Most Powerful to Date

Five MH5 900 Super Sedans: Limit of Five.

Manhart Performance has dabbled with the BMW M5 on numerous occasions in the past, yet it has never achieved as much power as they did with the recent MH5 900 Limited 01/05. This five-unit exclusive edition produces approximately 900 horses. Its title is quite suggestive of this fact.

Despite some tuners touting output in a way that proves inaccurate, Manhart brands itself as traditionally German and traditional. Accordingly, this lowly-named super sedan seen by many presents genuine power up to 928 Horsepower and over 914 lbs of torque from its state-of-the-art four and four-tenths liter twin turbo V8 engine. Even more production capabilities are attainable.

The S63 motor, a potent V8, has been ameliorated by a carbon fiber air intake assembly, a Wagner Tuning intercooler advancement, Carillo cast pistons and H-beam conrods (attaining as much as 1,200 hp), as well as a valved stainless steel exhaust setup with matte black tips. According to the area in which the car is situated and its road regulations, Manhart can provide racing downpipes made from stainless replacements that take out the Otto Particulate Filters.

It is evident that there was an ECU calibration involved in all the above, but it is outstanding that Manhart was able to liberate such an impressive amount of power from the incredible M5 CS, when originally only 777 hp could be obtained.

Numerous alterations have been undertaken, such as carbon fiber components including the front spoiler, kidney grille encircling, two-section front apron addition, canard winglets, dual segment side skirts and bits of side insertions, two portion roof spoiler and one-piece rear spoiler, diffuser, CS-style hood ventilation slots, and mirror caps. Bringing the auto to the road with superior steadiness is made simple with help from KW Suspensions coilovers, additionally the archways are fit with a varied aggregation of the tuner’s own Concave One 21-inch forged rims, which, like the brake chronicles, can be painted in any color a customer desires.

Within the interior of the automobile, an Alcantara headliner has been substituted for and illuminated by a sprinkling of fiber optic lights akin to those found on Rolls-Royces. Additionally, carbon shells for the driver’s and passenger’s seats have been added, accompanied by sewn floor mats, alongside further carbon accents in the engine bay with various badges and decals completing the modded appearance.

Pricing is a mystery to us; however, we are certain it won’t be inexpensive.

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