Manhart Turns BMW M4 Into MH4 GTR Marlboro

Tuning and Selling a Rare Ride: Manhart

Manhart recently disclosed the details of its most recent venture, rooted in the rare 2016 M4 DTM Championship Edition. This might startle some, however this is not the first extraordinary variation of the M4 to be modified by Manhart. Back in 2020, they customized the particularly sought-after M4 CSL, and even dissected the first DTM.

BMW created only two hundred M4 DTM Championship Editions, to celebreate Marco Wittmann’s driver’s championship in 2016. This exceptional model was painted in shiny, metallic white while showcasing BMW M colors across its body, with an array of race-car features like a light-weight wing and diffuser, modifiable M coilover suspension system, as well as a carbon-ceramic braking mechanism. Offering up 500 horsepower and 442 ft-lb of power, the M4 GTS is renowned for its water-injection technology.

Manhart showed decorum by leaving the brakes and suspension unaltered. In lieu of this, the MH4 GTR Marlboro vehicle focuses on zones that can be overhauled.

Seven years on, the already prodigious 2016 BMW engines have been supercharged even further by the wizards at Manhart. Now harnessing 708 horses with a whopping 722 lb-ft of torque, a substantial displacement in power has been achieved through the variation of turbo and intercooler. Furthermore, a fresh remapping of the ECU combined with new fittings such as a stainless steel exhaust system bearing control valves and four 100-millimetre carbon-clad tailpipes promises to provide an incomparably ferocious auditory experience.

Manhart has revivified the internal design, particularly by swapping out the centre air ducts of the HVAC arrangement with an Awron monitor.

We are at a loss to comprehend the Marlboro livery. Back in Australia, it was the first nation to forbid advertisement of cigarettes on racing cars, but numerous racing squads found ingenious tactics to circumvent the restriction. Eventually, in 2001 the FIA proscribed any and all tobacco insignias and decided that all formulas had until 2006 to stick by it. Ten years after the prohibition, Wittman gave an accomplishment by succeeding the DTM contest.

There is a relation between the E30 3 Series and its spiritual successor, the M4. The E30 has raced around the world, sporting at least three different Marlboro designs in its paint job. Therefore, there is that affinity too.

To date, Manhart has taken one motor vehicle and modified it, with the transformed model still available on their official site. However, no tag price is specified.

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