BMW: M2 Competition Plans On Hold

M2 Insanity Reaches New Heights

In a discussion with the German news outlet Bimmer Today, the director of the M2 project, Markus Schroder, stated that a Competition model of the BMW M2 is unlikely to appear in the near future. For now, the usual BMW M2 is the best variant possible, although it is necessary to keep in mind that Schroder did not completely eliminate the possibility of a Competition variant entering in the line up.

“Despite our limited German proficiency, we can report that BMW isn’t planning to introduce a Competition model of the M2 anytime soon, according to Schroder. However, he did add that ‘anything is possible’ in the future. It appears that for the moment, the automaker is satisfied with the standard car.”

Schroder notes that BMW has released a “classic” driver’s car for enthusiasts, featuring a rear-drive, manual transmission, and turbocharged inline-six. “It’s an impressive package,” Schroder remarks, “and one that will appeal to those looking for a high-performance model.”

Typically, BMW’s Competition packages bring extra power, custom aesthetics, and weight-saving features as well as sportier seating than the standard M car they’re designed from. At the start, the M2 Competition came with a modified S55 motor from the ordinary M2. This additional 40 horsepower increasing the total to 405 hp. In addition, the car was made stiffer and boasted larger radiator grilles for better temperature regulation.

The updated M2 features the upgraded S58 powerplant, resulting in 453 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque – a sizable upgrade from the preceding M2 Competition and sequel M2 CS’s 444 horsepower.

Let’s not overlook the fact that the present M2 is fairly similar in size to the E46 M3, adorning a normally aspirated 3.2-L six-inline motor which has an output of just 343hp.

Despite the many strides made in terms of performance, an increase in weight with the newer models of M2 can still be observed. The latest iteration weighs 3814 pounds, almost two hundred more than the original M2 Competition and a full 400 over the E46 M3.

A miniature rear-drive high-performance coupe designed for enthusiasts appears to be disappearing from BMW’s plans, though. The top-selling M vehicle during 2022 was the electric i4 M50, while their new flagship model is a substantial, unattractive SUV. Before the release of the i4, the X3 M had been BMW’s most popular M car.

From our outlook, the latest M2 model isn’t necessitating a Competition or CS iteration. Rather it’s of importance that BMW center their focus on creating the most elevated possible stock version of the M2.

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