BMW: No M2 Competition Ahead

M2 Performance Too Wild?

Speaking to Bimmer Today, Markus Schroder, the project manager for the M2, announced that a Competition version won’t be available in the near future. The traditional M2 is thus the most comprehensive option presently accessible; still, it’s impossible to deny that Schroder did not totally eliminate the possibility of a revamped model altogether.

Although our German isn’t perfect, Schroder stated that BMW doesn’t currently have plans to develop an M2 Competition model, but “can’t rule out” anything for the future. The automaker typically seeks out opportunities to create variants, though it appears to be satisfied with the standard car at this time.

Schroder remarks that BMW has released a high-performance model for car lovers, and highlights the combination of rear-wheel drive, manual transmission, and turbocharged inline-six engine, which adds up to a “classic” driver’s car.

Generically, BMW’s Contention bundles generally incorporate additional horsepower, aesthetic and weight-saving aspects, and sportier seating than the run-of-the-mill M automobile it is based on. The debute of the M2 Competition saw a remodel of the typical M2’s S55 engine, presenting an extra 40 horses, raising the output to 405 hp. As well, the car was firmer and grander kidney grilles were introduced to optimize cooling.

The up-to-date M2 makes use of the advanced S58 motor, creating 453 horsepower and stamping out 406 lb-ft of torque, which is a considerable increase compared to its predecessor – the M2 Competition – and its successor – the M2 CS behemoth with 444 horses.

It’s vital not to overlook the fact that the modern M2 is remarkably comparable in size to its predecessor, the E46 M3. This model was measured with a normally inhaled 3.2-liter inline-six engine exclusively releasing 343hp.

Despite praiseworthy aspects, there is potential to make strides yet more. The current-issue M2 tips the scales at 3,814 pounds, dwarfing both the former M2 Competition at by around 200 lbs, and the E46 M3 by around 400 lbs.

It appears that BMW is prioritizing other vehicles over a rear-wheel drive, potent coupe designed for fans. The top-selling M car in 2022 turned out to be the electric BMW i4 M50 and its new halo vehicle has become an unwieldy SUV. Until the the arrival of the i4, the X3 M model used to be number one in terms of sales.

Our take is that there isn’t a necessity for BMW to create either Competition or CS models of the M2. Instead, we believe they should focus their efforts on making the standard M2 as extraordinary as can be.

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