Lancia Stratos Replica: Alfa Romeo V6, 5-Speed Manual

Lister Bell STR 2017: Awesome & For Sale!

Possessing a classic Lancia Stratos, especially in its rally specification, can be a difficult process due to its scarcity and cost. Charmingly, for those inclined towards a high quality imitation, one is now available on Cars & Bids.

Despite this, however, it should not be a cause of alarm or concern as LB Specialist Cars has secured their status as one of the leading producers of Lancia Stratos recreations. Furthermore, for those who wish to utilise their own garage as a workshop, the company even offers DIY kits.

This particular copy for sale has been modeled after a 2017 Lister Bell STR, featuring a 5-speed manual and a hefty Alfa Romeo 3.0-liter Busso V6 motor – the commonly seen engine previously utilized by the Italian brand in the Giulia.

It is to be noted that LB Specialist Cars proffered alternative motor choices with their Stratos replica, such as Ferrari V6 and V8 motors; in addition, a Toyota 2GR-FE V6 previously incorporated in the new Camry’s series was discarded.

As an esteemed rally car model, the replica is equipped with features for off-roading, such as a light mounting pod, a roof air intake, mudguards, Gaz adjustable sprung suspension and a custom tubular frame that has an integrated roll bar. It is said that the chassis offers superior solidity when compared to the classical Stratos. Additionally, the bodywork crafted from fiberglass is accompanied by 15-inch Compomotive scooped-spoke wheels.

Within, the cabin offers a Stratos Stradale-inspired interior, entailing a more thrilling ride for rally admirers. It possesses a Nardi shift knob, Wilwood pedals, and Sabelt 4-point restraint systems.

Up-to-date facilities include the Garmin DriveSmart 51 GPS and a BC 40 without cords reversing camera from Garmin.

Prospective buyers should contemplate the drawbacks of the imitation. After installing the Fiat124-derived speedometer and odometer, it is uncertain precisely how far it has trekked. At the time when parts were added, the odometer had totalled 70,862 miles. There are chips on the left signaling bulb and on the back tire wells; there are some fissures close to the gasoline attachment and on the windscreen hood; the tachometer does not work and the air conditioning unit cannot be used.

The listing for the 2017 Lister Bell STR replica of the Lancia Stratos is coming to an end on December 1st. As of now, the offer is standing at $27,500.

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