Lancia’s Modern Stratos: Electric Concept Unveiled

Lancia’s Return: Electric, Not Gas-Powered

Lancia, owned by Stellantis, has tantalized car lovers with a sneak peek at its imminent concept set for April 15. It is assumed that it will be an indication of the Italian automaker’s first ever electric vehicle to roll out in 2024. Even though hardly anything has been exposed, the iconic Stratos could very well be the brand’s debut into the EV market, or perhaps this prototype might be based on the acclaimed rallying machine 037 – highlighting its curved rear (as against the boxy taillights of its road-ready equivalent). How exhilarating!

Lancia has shared sparse details regarding their announcement, declaring that they will display their concept at the Emozione Pu+Ra press event, with talks surrounding the company’s manifesto and vision for the succeeding decade.

Before getting angry over Lancia’s shift to electric, reflect on the fact that they only sell one model – the drab Ypsilon utterly limited to just Italy. For a grasp of how dull this car is, even worse than the prospective Fiat 500e; it utilizes the same platform as the 500.

The trailer gives us a peek into part of the back, displaying a rounded tail-light, a mounted spoiler on the boot lid, and an curved diffuser. The LANCIA wording is still visible in the negative space between the beacons. Should this not turn out to be a current-day Stratos; we’d astounded. After extended staring, we become more certain – the 037 was nowhere almost as rounded near the rear end.

As far as current products are concerned, it could be argued Lancia ought to reconsider something a bit more functional, such as reviving the Delta hatchback. However, Lancia is a legendary name with a celebrated heritage. Its prior style features allude to their aspiration of being perceived as a high-end corporation. A new sports automobile or supercar could help make that happen, as compared to plugging an electric hatchback, which would in turn intensify the banality of ordinary economical vehicles.

It is easy to assert that Lancia should explore several competitive territories, and it is doing precisely that. The company is already devising a fully electric Ypsilon and its second offering, which is scheduled to be released in 2026, looks to be a crossover car. After all, popular models will support Lancia’s stand in Stellantis’ eyes, while also allowing for funding towards more extraordinary vehicles. Regrettably, as part of its ‘Renaissance’ strategy, the automaker would benefit from creating a flashy, impressive automobile with a sumptuous design to establish renown consciousness of the brand.

If the classic Stratos never spoke to you due to an inability to fit in or an appreciation of the abnormally asymmetric sitting position, there is no need to worry. We wager enough pasta to fill a plate that the renewed Statos will likely be roomier and more luxurious than the prior generations – and the Delta is set to make its comeback in 2028, though it will only likely be seen outside of North America. But then again, ambiguity is everywhere.

In one month’s time, we will have more to offer you.

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