GM Halts Super Bowl Ads in 2024

Automaker Skips Big Game Since 2021

When you turn on the television for Super Bowl LIIII in February, don’t expect to spot Will Ferrell or Dr. Evil among the plethora of ads. As per reports from ‘Ad Age’, General Motors (GM) have decided to take a step back from the famous game’s commercials this year.

A particular explanation wasn’t specified for the alteration of route. A GM representative affirmed the decision to Motor1, expressing that the firm “constantly assesses our media strategies to make sure they are in line with our business objectives.”

GM Commercial | Will Ferrell | Netflix Commercial | 🏈🏈🏈 Super Bowl Commercial 2023

It’s a well-known fact that airing commercials during the Super Bowl carries a tremendous price tag. According to Forbes, the cost of showing a 30-second advertisement during last season’s game was around $7 million. GM opted for a full minute spot in Super Bowl 57. Moreover, the total spent on filming, editing, employing special effects (there’s no chance the GMC Sierra EV Denali raced through hordes of zombies for real) and paying its stars must have been steep. We don’t know what Will Ferrell’s pay-out was but just the airtime fee could have amounted to as much as $14 million.

If you are looking to trim expenses from your advertising expenditure – particularly after the extended UAW strike which had an adverse effect on profits – this could be a practical solution. And that may well hold true here. GM Authority reminds us of the appointment of a new Chief Marketing Officer during the summer season who replaced the individual who authorized large-scale advertisements across the last three years.

Moreover, those commercials were focusing on GM’s transformation into the electric-powered realm, beginning with Cadillac (and Will Ferrell) in 2021. The following year saw GM resurrect Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers film series, starring Mike Meyers, Rob Lowe, Seth Green, and Mindy Sterling. With reports showing declining enthusiasm for EV’s, investments in this area of marketing may not be as attractive as before.

As the release of the game draws near, will GM launch any kind of advertising venture independently? The carmaker has not voiced their opinion on the matter, but we’ve already witnessed certain companies capitalize on the frenzy by sharing commercials online throughout the Super Bowl week. Moreover, there’s always the option of a spontaneous decision; Jeep astounded all when they delivered a tribute to Groundhog Day in 2020, reuniting Bill Murray and the original ensemble for a commercial only two weeks prior to the match.

Source: General Motors via Ad Age

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