Lamborghini Configurator: Tasteful to Tacky

Beware! Supercar Shopping Gone Wrong!

Unveiled in the beginning of this week, the jam-packed Lamborghini Revuelto hybrid supercar is an impressive upgrade from the outmoded Aventador it is supplanting. We now have the possiblity to evaluate the innumerous choices available with this sensational vehicle using its customizer.

Despite the numerous transformations in store for the Lambo, the Revuelto still retains its broad range of possibilities for personalisation – a trait that has been a familiar characteristic for many years. Even when inspecting the exterior colours, the buyers have notably more options than against common models where a maximum selection of only seven tones is made available. The Lambo provides up to seven sets: Base, Sportiva, Contemporanea, Eclettica, Classica, Technica and ‘Ad Personam’. The latter being particularly apt to illustrate the extraordinary chance to make the car personalised – such as the Viola Blast hue chosen by us.

Vivid tones guaranteed to draw the eyes include Giallo Inti (yellow), Arancio Borealis (orange), and Verde Mantis (green). But, a wide range of understated blacks, greys, and silvers can be chosen from as well. Both glossy and mat options can be had too.

Rather than aiming to design the most beautiful arrangement, we wanted to observe how crazy we could be when configuring the Revuelto, which is easy since almost all alternatives are compatible with one another. To that end, we opted for Altanero Bronze glossy diamond-cut rims and Verde Ciaro CCB brake calipers. Other exterior components included a titanium engine grille making its V12 motor stand out and a livery stripe on the rear diffuser in Verde Scandal/Shock color. We think you’ll admit that the Revuelto certainly isn’t inconspicuous in this specification.

In the interior of the cabin, we opted to go with the Sportiva trim boasting a Grigio Octans foundation, highlighted with hints of Blu Uranus and decorated with Verde Scandal stitching. This secondary hue extends throughout the inside, from the center console to the dashboard. First and foremost, our aim was not necessarily to pick the most stylish version; rather, we endeavored to display just how loud you too can get with the Revuelto.

We afterwards threw in Rosso Efesto seatbelts (slightly visible underneath, however not quite a suitable pairing with the azure upholstery), an exhibition for passengers, and mug holders onto the dashboard. The overall design has a vibe of Mansory to it, though if you’d prefer something more harmonious, we’ve detailed a few other less jarring choices further down in this article.

Once you’ve decided on the colors and internal materials, Lamborghini will give you the option to include an Encirclement Assistance Pack (lane switch support and forward cross traffic backing), a Parking Bundle (front/back parking sensors and a view from above camera), as well as a cellphone integration with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. For those daring enough to try and take off in a Revuelto, there is a car location device accessible.

No costs were listed for any of these alternatives, yet this is typical of top of the line automakers since their customers will surely pick the choices they desire, despite the price. The standard cost of the Revuelto hasn’t been divulged till now, however there are signals that it’ll commence at more than $550,000 – with enough additional features, anticipate this figure to increase to in excess of $600k.

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