Exploring Ireland for Italian Supercars with Richard Rawlings

Rawlings’ Global Quest for Ferrari Testarossas

The Ferrari Testarossa is a legendary Italian supercar beloved by auto aficionados since the 80s when it was featured in Miami Vice. Furthermore, five of these iconic automobiles were included in another Hollywood movie recently shown on Gas Monkey Garage and Richard Rawlings YouTube channel. The vehicle flaunts a sleek design and notable side strakes that truly make it unique.

Richard Rawlings has set his eyes on getting this collection, however, there’s an issue; every one of the five Testarossas are based in Ireland.

5 Testarossas, 1 Insane Purchase!

Richard Rawlings is lured by a bit of bartering, particularly when there’s a specific car with an intriguing history. What’s more, he uncovers an offer of five vintage Ferrari Testarossas on sale from overseas that’s too tempting to pass up.

He and his companion Chris have come to an agreement to undertake the lengthy voyage of 4,500 miles to Ireland. Upon their arrival in Dublin, they will proceed with a brief excursion to Belfast where they intend to purchase automobiles.

John Walsh of the family-operated J&F Group is spoken with concerning this unique array. It consists of a whole classic Ferrari Testarossa and four others requiring some mending – one even showing evidence of being shot through bullets. These supersonic vehicles, however, were not procured from a war basin: they were used as movie cars in Mark Wahlberg’s science fiction flick Unlimited.

This is why the vehicles were so oddly placed and disassembled. Every one of them was utilized for differing pursuit scenes in the film. Fortunately for Rawlings, the team of workers had appropriately labeled and containerized all the components, and John alongside his team kept everything well-organized.

At the onset, Rawlings and John had immiscible perspectives on the cost of the group of Ferrari Testarossas, and it looked like an understanding would not be achievable. However, Rawlings concluded to enjoy himself and experience Belfast and afterward Dublin to contemplate more prior to departing without a settlement.

Following two days of feasting and imbibing beer like royalty, Rawlings trips off to again visit with John in order to arrive at an agreement. After a number of conversations, they eventually reached an accord, and agreed upon a price that will make it possible for these five classic Ferraris from the ’80s to be transported to Dallas, Texas. However, Rawlings doesn’t yet disclose the cost in this video, instead promising to soon reveal all.

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