Exploring Mustang Wheel Variations with Tuner

Set Up Your Mustang’s Wheels: Advice from Chris at Steeda

Regardless of its importance to a car’s operation, altering wheels is frequently overlooked when it comes to installing modifications. Chris from Steeda recently put out an eye-opening video detailing why Ford Mustangs should not utilize stock rims and urging fans to seek the ideal wheel for the activity they will partake in. He goes over the best compatibility for racing on a track or strip, or any driving style that bridges the gap between the two.

What Size Wheels Are Best for Your Mustang?

Chris articulates that a 20-inch rim system is ideal for commutes on the street due to its reduced side clearance. Even though it reduces comfort, a suitable suspension set up can make up for the diminution. Still, a 19-inch wheel is more masterful when driving for performance as it provides a great fusion of style and extensive track width coupled with its lessened rotational mass for augmented performance.

Focusing exclusively on output, Chris states that decreasing rotational mass holds the key, so a 18-inch wheel is the answer. Racing or autocrossing utilizing an 18-wheeler can help generate the most power, he explains. He provides information that their website consists of multiple options for fitting an 18-inch rim, yet certain ones might need additional changes.

As per Chris’s perspective, those in search of a high pliable area and reduced revolving mass should use nineteen-inch rims. He remarks further that if twenty-inch wheels are opted for, then the sidewalls of the tire are going to be much slimmer, which can lead to a bumpier journey but advanced maneuverability. This is essential when being cognizant of performance more than image.

Chris explains that the selection of wheels and tires for drag racing is slightly distinct but profoundly critical. Drag racers require rims and tires that will offer optimum traction to the rear of their vehicle, so back tires tend to be quite chunky while those at the front are oftentimes very lean – similar to a bicycle tire. This is due to the fact that when it comes to the front, there is not a need for traction and hence it is best to keep the front part light while all the load gets sent backwards.

When choosing wheels for a vehicle, Chris recommends to bear in mind the size of its brakes. This is because certain models may not be able to accommodate wheels smaller than 19-inches due to the dimensions of the calipers and the brakes. For instance, he suggests the Ford Mustang GT350 or GT500 with Steeda rear vertical link to let 18-inch tyres fit on these cars.

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