Fiat 600 Revs to 14K RPM With BMW Power

999cc BMW S1000RR Engine: 215HP

As opposed to LS-swap forms, which are frequently seen, some other people prefer to install engines out of two-wheeled vehicles. But how does that occur? All you need to do is look to Jovan Perunovic and his outrageous Fiat 600 that has an engine originating from a BMW S1000RR for the answer.

The potent powerplant of the Fiat is a 999-cc inline-four, capable of generating an incredible 215 horsepower. This motor swap results in a remarkable capacity for the car to rev up to 14,000 rpm – surpassing even the highest-revving production motors such as the 11,100-rpm V12 in the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Because this engine is situated at the back, it drives power exclusively to the rear axle through the S1000RR’s six-speed transmission.

FIAT 600 w/ BMW S1000RR Bike Engine || 14.000RPM Screaming Sound

Despite their lightweight build, motorcycle engines are nevertheless designed to rev highly, emphasizing power rather than torque. This is due to the fact that two-wheelers don’t require a substantial amount of torque, and this Fiat 600 is no exception. Hillclimb Monsters assert that the automobile tips the scales at around 580 kg (1,279 lbs) – approximately half the weight of the popular Mazda Miata MX-5.

The ground-shattering Fiat 600, bigger than its sibling the Fiat 500, was brought out for a demonstration lap at the Skradin Hillclimb in Croatia – exactly where a Mercedes M111 Smart ForFour manically expelled 500 horsepower. Judging from the cabin and exterior footage, the vehicle appeared spry and agile. Additionally, the engine’s roar was tremendous as it hurries along the extended straights and powers around the curves.

Employing a BMW cycle motor is an unusual engine substitution decision, very different from the traditional GSX-R or Hayabusa subdivisions. The last is particularly popular with those who engage in this kind of alteration as it once was the most rapid production bike accessible. Even the proprietor of a Volkswagen Rabbit Pickup could not refuse to install this four-cylinder motor into his hardworking truck.

The proprietor, Jovan Perunovic, declared that the preparations for a BMW-powered Fiat 600 destined for 2024 are being developed. We can presumably observe more of this aggressive mini-car in other hillclimb meets such as Pikes Peak, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

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