Lamborghini Countach by Liberty Walk: A Controversial Supercar That Will Divide Enthusiasts

Bold Style for an Iconic Ride

UPDATE: Liberty Walk has officially revealed its extensive body kit for the Lamborghini Countach. In light of this new development, we have made revisions to our article to accurately reflect the updated details.

In 2020, renowned Japanese tuner Liberty Walk gained attention online for their modified Ferrari F40 that had been given a widebody treatment. While opinions were divided, the company is now making waves once again by debuting a similar design at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, this time on a ’80s legend: the Lamborghini Countach.

The pictures presented below display the tuner’s significant alterations to the iconic Italian sports car. Similar to the F40, we anticipate that the Countach will evoke mixed reactions among enthusiasts. While some may appreciate its bold and imposing appearance with a prominent spoiler and widened fenders, traditionalists are likely to vehemently reject these modifications.

The latest front end enhancements introduce a noticeable front splitter and a lower bumper featuring a rectangular mesh over three openings, lending a square appearance to the front of the vehicle. Canards on both sides seamlessly blend into the extended fender flare. This design creates a consistent line running from the tip of the nose all the way to the wheel well, adding a sleek curvature to this particular section.

The car displays enlarged fenders with wider lower sills on both sides. Liberty Walk has also included a new opening just in front of the rear wheels. The vents on the back of the vehicle show off vertical strakes in body color, indicating that this particular model is a customized 25th Anniversary Countach. The iconic sports car now rests on deep dish Rohana Forged wheels with a dark tint, featuring an impressive Y-shaped spoke design, and Toyo tires.

It is evident that the Liberty Walk was not satisfied with the original size of the Countach’s factory wing. In order to make a bold statement, the tuner has opted to replace it with a significantly larger wing that is now attached underneath the rear bumper. Additionally, the tail lights have been relocated to a flush position rather than being mounted within the body, as seen in the production model. To further enhance the sporty look, a substantial diffuser has been added beneath the quad exhaust.

The cost of Liberty Walk’s body kits for classic Lamborghinis is not publicly listed on their website, as it is marked as “Ask.” However, for owners of these vintage supercars, the company seems amenable to producing additional kits for those seeking a more audacious appearance.

Source: Liberty Walk via YouTube

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