Showstopping Liberty Walk Lambo Countach Unveiled at Tokyo Auto Show

Liberty Walk Strikes Again: A New Supercar Transformation After Last Year’s F40 Chop.

During last year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, Liberty Walk caused quite a stir among traditionalists by unveiling an extensively modified Ferrari F40. And they haven’t stopped there – for this year’s event, the divisive Japanese tuner has once again set its sights on iconic Italian supercars, this time creating a widebody Lamborghini Countach. While Liberty Walk has previously made modifications to Lamborghinis, this marks the first time they have ventured into altering a genuine Sant’Agata classic (the previous widebody Miura was actually a replica).

Despite being one of the most daring supercars of the 20th century, Liberty Walk has elevated it to a higher standard with modifications that give it the appearance of a aspiring racecar, although one that is excessively lowered for actual racing purposes.

The enhancements feature a fresh frontal fascia with a bold splitter and canards flanking its sides. Additionally, there are wider over-fenders, accompanied by new side panels incorporating small air diffusers. The rear end boasts a sizable wing and diffuser, along with a rooftop intake scoop.

Rohana forged wheels occupy the wheel wells, and a specially-designed air suspension system lowers the vehicle while a quad-exit exhaust directs its fiery emissions towards the heavens. Additional custom touches such as aftermarket mirrors and various decals add to the visual appeal of the exterior. While there is limited information on the interior, it has been revealed that the car boasts Sparco Ultra Carbon seats with accompanying harnesses, and it is highly probable that the steering wheel is also a Sparco product.

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At the moment, there is no specified pricing available on the Liberty Walk website. However, for those who have the means to modify a Countach, Revolt, or Huracan (or any Lamborghini, really), price is likely not a major concern. Regardless of the exact amount, the true cost is much greater for those who believe in preserving classic cars. We empathize with this sentiment and cannot help but feel dismayed knowing that someone has permanently changed one of the most legendary vehicles of the past half-century simply for the purpose of gaining social attention and recognition.

On the other hand, it is definitely preferable to not deliberately collide with a car simply to film a scene for a movie.

An update shared by Kazuto Shiojima (@kaz.shots) on social media reveals his latest progress.

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