Lancia Concept: Circular Roof, Sleek Coupe

Electric Car: Brand Unveiled April 15

Lancia is still very much alive and thriving, having ambitious plans to extend the revered marque. On April 15, these dreams will materialize with a sensational concept car reveal, but ahead of this momentous event, we now have a peek at the future in the form of a revealing teaser shot taken from high above.

One may not fail to spot the large white disc positioned atop the ebony roof. Despite its exact purpose being a mystery, it helps to create an overall rounded design for the roof, with a less pronounced progression at the front transitioning into more drastic curves towards the back. Moreover, a number of parallel lines going from side to side surround the rear window purposely reminiscent of the Lancia Beta HPE from the 1970s and its latticework-like arrangement.

It is evident from the latest design that the concept to be unveiled is a compact two-door coupé. The doors seamlessly meld into the slightly flared rear fenders, giving the impression of a compact and diminutive back. Although the front end beyond the A-pillar remains obscured, judging from what can be seen in the photos, it appears to be of a small size.

The foremost teaser image of the special Lancia was showcasing the back view, offering a high-angle glance. Obvious were the westernized lines running across the rear window, and more visibly stood a circular tail light bracing resemblance to that of the renowned Stratos. There’s no doubt that this wasn’t a mere coincidence, with Lancia making explicit which vehicle influenced them when designing the lamp, just as it was true for the cramped back lid plus the defined curves and edges, both bringing to mind the Stratos.

A sharp distinction lies between the Ypsilon, a current offering from Lancia – a rounded and diminutive city car. We assume this innovative concept won’t make it to production; yet Luca Napolitano, the CEO of the company, claims it will demonstrate the potential of their brand.

“The Lancia Concept is the brand manifesto for the next ten years,” stated Napolitano. “This 100 percent electric concept car is the latest evolution of the Lancia Pu+Ra Zero, the three-dimensional sculpture which was unveiled last November at the Lancia Design Day. This Concept is the first vehicle of the new Lancia era, and it includes design features, sustainability, technology, and electrification that will be seen on future models.”

Source: Lancia

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