Surprise! Early Reveal of Lancia Ypsilon Rocks Automotive World

Exclusively Rare: The Cassina Edizione Limitata, Only 1,906 Available

Out of the blue, Lancia has unveiled their brand new electric car, the Ypsilon, marking their first new vehicle in almost ten years. Staying true to its predecessors, the Ypsilon stands out from the norm with a unique and captivating exterior, elegant accents, and an unconventional approach to interior styling.

In anticipation of the February 14 unveiling, Lancia has provided us with a sneak peek at the Edizione Limitata Cassina, a unique limited edition vehicle (with only 1,906 units available) developed in partnership with Cassina, a prestigious Italian furniture company. However, before delving into further details, let’s take a closer look at the design, both interior and exterior.

While the Ypsilon may not be considered traditionally attractive, it definitely has a unique charm. On the rear end, you’ll find Lancia Stratos-inspired LED taillights, and the tailgate is proudly decorated with the new Lancia logo. The font used for the logo is both striking and refined, drawing inspiration from Italy’s renowned fashion houses, reminiscent of the iconic font used by Bulgari. However, it is disappointing that the iconic Shield logo is absent.


We can also catch glimpses of the Pu+Ra HPE concept car in the back portion of the vehicle. The front appearance is equally unique, with the Lancia emblem placed on a sleek black strip resembling a visor. Two slender vertical light bars seamlessly lead into a shorter horizontal one, giving the Ypsilon its own recognizable lighting design. The special edition comes with a standard Zaffino Blue exterior coat.

The primary headlights are situated on the outer edges of the front bumper and have a noticeably round shape. On the whole, its appearance exudes a sense of luxury unlike its fellow Stellantis counterparts such as the Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa-e. It certainly surpasses the rebranded Chryslers that Lancia was obliged to offer in recent times.

The Edizione Limitata Cassina boasts elegant “cannelloni pattern” seats inside, which are adorned in either velour or Alcantara. The unmistakable touch of Cassina is apparent, as seen in the leather-trimmed tray located in front of the wireless charger. However, the major highlight is the Sound Air Light Augmentation (SALA) infotainment system.

According to the automaker, the Ypsilon is the inaugural Stellantis car to incorporate SALA, which is deemed as a crucial element of Lancia’s technology. This setup allows for complete personalization and manages a wide range of features, including climate control, audio settings, and lighting. The interface is widget-based and can be accessed via two HD touchscreens. Lancia claims that this system enhances the overall sense of comfort and ease in the cabin.

Lancia has not disclosed any specifics about the engine or performance of the Ypsilon, however they mention that it can run up to 250 miles on a single charge based on WLTP standards. This is similar to the Fiat 600e and Jeep Avenger EV, which also have e-GMP foundations like the Ypsilon, but it surpasses the capabilities of the Fiat 500e. The Ypsilon is expected to have a similar powertrain to the e-208 and Corsa-e, generating 134 horsepower and 192 lb-ft of torque.

To obtain the special edition, customers must participate in the “1 of 1906” campaign and submit a non-binding “expression of interest.” This will enable Lancia to reach out to them closer to the date of availability.

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